Alaskan Brewing Company

Alaskan Brewing Company

5429 Shaune Drive
Juneau, AK, 99801
United States


Year Established: 1986


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Alaska has a rich history of brewing. From the explorers of the 1700s through the Gold Rush, many a thirsty Alaskan has been able to enjoy locally made beers. In 1986, 28-year-olds Marcy and Geoff Larson reignited that tradition when they opened the Alaskan Brewing Company, the 67th independent brewery in the country and the first brewery in Juneau since Prohibition. Alaskan beers reflect many of the same characteristics of beers that were brewed here during the gold rush era. From the historically based Alaskan Amber recipe to alder-smoked malts and Sitka spruce tips, Alaskan beers reflect Juneau’s local brewing history and innovation. A daring solution Marcy and Geoff were drawn to the beauty and adventure of Alaska, but finding a livelihood that would allow them to stay was a challenge. “Why not start a brewery?” a friend suggested. Other than the extreme financial and logistical challenges of brewing beer in the Last Frontier, they couldn’t think of why not. Maybe the idea wasn’t so far-fetched. After all, Geoff was a chemical engineer and a homebrewer and was married to Marcy, an adventure-seeking accountant and aspiring bush pilot. Together they brought a unique skill set to the task of opening a brewery in Alaska. While researching brewing in Alaska, Marcy unearthed shipping records from Douglas City Brewing Co. (1899-1907) that listed ingredients for its popular beers and a newspaper article that described the way it was brewed. Geoff homebrewed a batch of the Gold Rush-era brew and they could see what made it so popular. That beer is now known as Alaskan Amber. In December 1986, Alaskan Brewing Co. officially began operations when Geoff, Marcy and 10 volunteers spent 12 hours hand packaging the first 253 cases of Alaskan Amber for distribution in Juneau, Alaska. From that very humble beginning, Alaskan Brewing Co. has grown to become one of the most award-winning craft breweries in the history of the Great American Beer Festival and expanded distribution to 20 states.

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Most Drunk: Alaskan Brewing Big Mountian Pale [1]
Highest Rated: Alaskan Brewing Smoked Porter [3.950]
Most Reviewed: Alaskan Brewing Amber [63]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Alaskan Brewing 25th Anniversary Perseverance Ale
Imperial Stout| 9 %
3.514 (4)
Alaskan Brewing Amber
Altbier| 5 %
3.508 (63)
Alaskan Brewing Baltic Porter
Baltic Porter| 9 %
3.525 (13)
Alaskan Brewing Barley Wine (Big Nugget)
English Barleywine| 10.4 %
3.617 (15)
Alaskan Brewing Belgian Wit
Witbier| -
Alaskan Brewing Big Mountian Pale
American Pale Ale| 5.7 %
3.180 (2)
Alaskan Brewing Black IPA
American Black Ale| 6.4 %
3.300 (7)
Alaskan Brewing Cranberry Tart
Fruit Beer| 5.8 %
3.125 (1)
Alaskan Brewing ESB
Extra Special Bitter| 5 %
3.612 (14)
Alaskan Brewing Freeride APA
American Pale Ale| 5.3 %
3.260 (2)
Alaskan Brewing Heritage Coffee Brown Ale
Brown Ale| -
3.280 (2)
Alaskan Brewing Hopothermia Double IPA
Imperial IPA| 8.5 %
3.360 (2)
Alaskan Brewing Husky IPA
IPA| 7 %
3.125 (1)
Alaskan Brewing Icy Bay IPA
IPA| 6.2 %
3.329 (4)
Alaskan Brewing IPA
IPA| 6.2 %
3.409 (19)
Alaskan Brewing Kicker
IPA| 4.5 %
3.175 (1)
Alaskan Brewing Kölsch
Kölsch| 5.3 %
Alaskan Brewing Pale
Blonde Ale| 4.7 %
3.305 (18)
Alaskan Brewing Pilot Series: Barley Wine
American Barleywine| 10.7 %
3.100 (1)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Birch Bock
Doppelbock| 8.5 %
3.438 (5)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Double Black IPA
American Black Ale| 8.5 %
3.334 (3)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Imperial IPA
Imperial IPA| 8.5 %
3.267 (3)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Imperial Red
Strong Ale| 8.5 %
3.280 (2)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Jalapeño Imperial IPA
Imperial IPA| 8.5 %
3.150 (1)
Alaskan Brewing PIlot Series: Pumpkin Porter
Spiced Beer| 7 %
3.150 (3)
Alaskan Brewing Pilot Series: Raspberry Wheat
Fruit Beer| 6.5 %
3.443 (4)
Alaskan Brewing Raspberry Stout
Fruit Stout| -
Alaskan Brewing SMaSH Galaxy
Imperial IPA| 8.5 %
Alaskan Brewing Smoked Porter
Smoked Ale| 6.2 %
3.950 (63)
Alaskan Brewing Spruce IPA
Spiced Beer| 7 %
Alaskan Brewing Stout
Oatmeal Stout| 5.7 %
3.536 (25)
Alaskan Brewing Summer Ale
Kölsch| 5 %
3.238 (28)
Alaskan Brewing Troppelbock
Doppelbock| 10.5 %
3.300 (2)
Alaskan Brewing White Ale
Witbier| 5.3 %
3.134 (12)
Alaskan Brewing Winter Ale
Spiced Beer| 6.4 %
3.329 (31)

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