Birrificio Civale Srl

Birrificio Civale Srl

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Strada Statale 10, 51
Spinetta Marengo (AL), 15100


Year Established: 2009


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The Civale brewery began producing in May 2009, but in reality 'the project had already come a long way' many years ago, in the minds and hearts of both brewers. In 2007 the meeting of two great brewers immediately and an agreement has led to the sharing of experiences, opinions, recipes, both accumulated over the years. E 'immediately started with the production and refinement of the first beer of recipes already' proven countless times separately, but with a thought: open a microbrewery. After a few months and began the arduous search for a suitable local ... finally found it. The beginning of the renovation of the premises, the choice of plants and anything that involves opening a microbrewery. Finally, on 5 May 2009, the first crush ... but it will be 'true glory ...

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: Civale Imperiosa [3.400]
Most Reviewed: Civale Alica [1]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Civale 65 ° Madonnina dei Centauri
Blonde Ale| 4.7 %
3.300 (1)
Civale Alica
Blonde Ale| 4.7 %
3.125 (1)
Civale Imperiosa
Imperial Stout| 10 %
3.400 (1)
Civale Lùmina
American Pale Ale| 5.6 %
Civale Mayno
Dry Stout| 5.3 %
3.325 (1)
Civale Mervisia
English Strong Ale| 6.2 %
3.250 (1)
Civale Punto di Fuga
Strong Ale| 7.5 %
Civale Tempore
Saison| 5.2 %
3.275 (1)
Civale Ulula
American Pale Ale| 7 %
3.350 (1)
Civale Virtute
Belgian Strong Ale| 7.5 %
3.225 (1)

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