Hurricane High Gravity Lager

Hurricane High Gravity Lager

Rated 1.831 by BeerPals
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Brewed by Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

St. Louis, MO, United States

Style:  Strong Lager

8.1% Alcohol by Volume

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Overall Rank47934
Overall Percentile0
Style Rank423 of 426
Style Percentile0.7
Lowest Score1.0
Highest Score3.2
Average Score1.678
Weighted Score1.831
Standard Deviation0.627

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23 Member Reviews

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  • CYBERCAT 10446 reviews
    rated 1.3 9 years ago

    Aroma: 4 | Appearance: 2 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 3 | Overall: 2

    Aroma is - hello? Aroma! I don't get a whiff of anything that resembles beer. It pours a clear yellow with a fairly thick and fluffy white head, but this is the brew's strongest point. Flavor is at least present, but it is just malty, no complexity or depth, and leaves a tinny aftertaste. Texture is smooth, a bit thin, and barely fizzy at all. I bought it just to try something different. At least it helps me appreciate craft brews.

  • CHOPZ 5764 reviews
    rated 1.5 10 years ago

    Aroma: 3 | Appearance: 3 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 4 | Overall: 3

    After paying $56 for a cab from the strip in Vegas and still not getting close to destination, Lilihel and I had to walk for hours so we decided to have this to make the walk back easier (as we felt bad for not being drunk in Vegas, and not having to drive). Comparing it to the Steel Reserve 211, it had more taste. Lots of corn of course. Did the job.

  • MARTINSANDERS 361 reviews
    rated 1.3 11 years ago

    Aroma: 5 | Appearance: 2 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 2 | Overall: 2

    This is one REALLY BAD beer. The high alcohol content makes it okay for partying, but the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Only buy if you have friends with burnt-out toungues.

  • JBROWNING 117 reviews
    rated 1.9 12 years ago

    Aroma: 4 | Appearance: 3 | Mouthfeel: 3 | Flavor: 4 | Overall: 5

    Brace for SMooth Taste. That is the slogan. I know this because I have read many bottles haha. This is my favorite malt liquor. The aroma is strong and corny, the color dark and bold. The flavor is robust and grainy. Not a bad, cheap drink.

  • ACKMAN 157 reviews
    rated 1.5 12 years ago

    Aroma: 6 | Appearance: 2 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 2 | Overall: 3

    I could not dare myself to drink this crap, but I collect bottles, and I had to drink this. I made the mistake of letting it be warm. Boy did I pay for that. It tasted like the water at the bottom of a garbage can, and the mouthfeel was somewhat cloying. The aroma was like the taste, but it was just a tad better, but still I couldn't finish it. I poured it out.

  • FARGINGBASTIGE6 1476 reviews
    rated 1.5 13 years ago

    Aroma: 3 | Appearance: 3 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 4 | Overall: 3

    Dude, no one in their right freaking mind would be drinking this stuff for the pleasure of drinking a beer. This beer has a mission: get you drunk regardless of how nasty it is. In that respect, it succeeds. If you must drink it, drink it COLD. Although I was given a 40, I could only manage about half of it.

  • JERRYMORRISON 2130 reviews
    rated 1.8 13 years ago

    Aroma: 5 | Appearance: 3 | Mouthfeel: 4 | Flavor: 3 | Overall: 3

    The 'cane pours a mid to deep yellow body not much carbonation and a decent sized head that rapidly disappeared. Aroma was rather strange a combo of sweet malts, corn and something else gave it an aroma that kinda reminded me of nail polish, very odd. Taste was of corn, kinda watery too. Overall i wont purchase it again.

  • DR68JOHN 2 reviews
    rated 1.0 13 years ago

    Aroma: 2 | Appearance: 2 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 2 | Overall: 2

    Let me tell you all a story about the first, and if I have anything to say about it, my last time drinking Hurricane. Toward the end of the second semester of my sophomore year in college my roommate and I decided that we would go cheap (bum on the street cheap) and pick up 4 24's of this hellish liquid each. We arrive at our destination as the first at the small byob party and decided we would get started with beer pong; mistake #1. We killed 2 of them within a half hour playing some 1 on 1 for a couple of games. Getting ready to go for another game i went to the fridge to pick out another 24 for the upcoming match. The game started and he sunk the first shot, and as the beer entered my mouth it immediately came back out into the cup. My roommate neglected to tell me that the store clerk had to go and get one from out back, so I had poured the only warm one into our cups; mistake #2. I thought I would never recover from that awful taste, but I'm not a quitter so we poured the cups into a glass and back into the fridge they went. Deciding that pong wasn't fun with no one they we chilled on another couple of the 24's and listened to music. By the time (45 min from getting there) the rest of our group showed up we were about 1.5 deep feeling normal. Another one of my friends thought bringing a funnel to the party was a good idea. Using my fearless attitude I funneled the rest of my Hurricane; mistake #3. I am very very dumb. It tastes about as good as it smells, and i have had diarrhea after chili cheese fries that have been more appetizing. 2 down and and a long 2 to go. Apparently it wasn't long enough because i have a problem with pounding whatever is in the can, and I finished the remaining 2 within 45 min of finishing my 2nd; mistake #4. The rest of the night I pissed off the roof (I hate heights), I blacked out in mid stride walking past the pong table and sent liquid flying in the air and all over myself; I woke up wet. There was a food run where i don't remember getting that much to eat at the dining hall but i stole food from everyones tray and left my tray at the table when we were ready to leave. We went back to the party, eventually i left with one of my friend's, and i blacked out in mid stride again, but this time at the top of a staircase; I woke up at the bottom to uncontrollable laughter. The next day i was throwing up until noon. The end. Hurricane High Gravity should have the Scorpions hit song "Rock you like a hurricane" as its theme because it does just that. It has an awful taste warm and cold. A small whiff of its digusting aroma will provide a vision into the future, one filled with vomit and horrible beer shits. It has a finish that would be like licking a toilet bowl after Rosie O'Donnel had explosive diarrhea. Learn from my mistakes, and don't drink it. If you, however, have the budget of a homeless man be very weary of its power. You may think its a bargain at 8.1% ABV, but it comes with hidden costs of anything you may break when blacking out, medical bills from falls, and pain and suffering for most of the next day. I would rather challenge myself to drink 15 Milwaukee's Best Ice's than put myself through another night of torture with Hurricane High Gravity Malt Liquor.

  • CHEAPDRUNK 3 reviews
    rated 2.3 13 years ago

    Aroma: 3 | Appearance: 3 | Mouthfeel: 6 | Flavor: 5 | Overall: 6

    i prefer steel reserve over hurricane for taste, but it's an ok hg lager. it would make a great beer for a budget minded party, only $0.99 for a 24oz can, same as steel reserve.

  • MIKESTICKLEY 44 reviews
    rated 1.2 14 years ago

    Aroma: 2 | Appearance: 2 | Mouthfeel: 2 | Flavor: 2 | Overall: 4

    This is a cheap beer to get drunk on..thats it...but it doesnt taste as bad as steel reserve...it doesnt burn like reserver does...first time I had this...I couldnt drink it..well because I wasnt used to drinking beer..now its nothing...I like it..because of the fact it can get you drunk and its 99 cents for a 24 oz..I will def buy more of this.

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