Furnace Room Brewery

Furnace Room Brewery

1 Elgin Street
Halton Hills (Georgetown), Ontario, L7G 3M2


Year Established: 2016


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Furnace Room Brewery started exactly where the name suggests - downstairs in the basement of a home in Georgetown, Ontario, right next to the furnace. The story begins back in 2007 when long-time friends, Jeff Sandifer and Mike Glockner decided to brew a simple extract beer kit. Jeff cobbled together a simple boil kettle made from the heating elements of three electric water kettles and a five gallon bucket. From that simple, but effective setup, the two gradually transformed their furnace rooms into their own nano-breweries, producing ten gallon all-grain batches of beer, using different recipes, and critiquing each batch; learning as they went along. Word about their beer began to spread among friends and acquaintances. People began tasting and enjoying the beer and started asking “Where can I get more of this?” The answer is simple..... 1 Elgin St, Georgetown,Ontario.

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Beer | Style | ABV Score
Furnace Room Alani Godiva
Chocolate Stout| 5 %
Furnace Room Apricot Astronaut
Fruit Beer| -
Furnace Room Beardmore Kolsch Style Ale
Kölsch| 4.5 %
3.184 (3)
Furnace Room Belgian Dubbel
Abbey Dubbel| 7.9 %
Furnace Room Chicken Man Pale Ale
American Pale Ale| 5.4 %
3.167 (3)
Furnace Room Coyote Lookout
Dunkel / Dark Lager| 5.4 %
3.100 (1)
Furnace Room Dynamo Cream Lager
Cream Ale| 5.3 %
2.900 (3)
Furnace Room Fountain Green IPA
IPA| 6.1 %
3.150 (3)
Furnace Room J Barb Pilsner
Bohemian / Czech Pilsener| 5.2 %
Furnace Room Mango Sour
Wild Ale| 4.5 %
Furnace Room Mosaic Single Hop Pale Ale
American Pale Ale| 5.2 %
3.000 (1)
Furnace Room The Alchemist's Brew
English Pale Ale| 3.6 %
Furnace Room The Dog's Bollocks
Bitter| 5.2 %
Furnace Room The Fermentator
Imperial IPA| 8 %
3.175 (1)
Furnace Room The Festive Fox
Spiced Beer| 5 %
Furnace Room The Iron Bridge
Brown Ale| 5.7 %
Furnace Room Wright House Red Ale
Amber Ale| 5.3 %
3.217 (3)

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