Birrificio Troll

Birrificio Troll

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Strada Valle Grande 15/A
Vernante, 12019


Year Established: unknown


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The Troll is a magical pub in the heart of the serene alpine with cold winters, fire in the fireplace, the fresh breeze of the summers, scents of the sea. In this atmosphere is born the beer Troll, accompanied by tradition and the symbiotic synergy of the territory, using native produce, ancient recipes, and new combinations. Sun, snow, forests, music, peace, and joy make a great transition of our beers to our plates. To the health!!!!

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: Troll Palanfrina [3.500]
Most Reviewed: Troll Saison Daù [4]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Troll Dorina
Blonde Ale| 5.2 %
Troll Febbre Alta
Spiced Beer| 8.7 %
Troll Geisha
English Barleywine| 12 %
Troll IPA
IPA| 6 %
Troll Palanfrina
Belgian Strong Ale| 9 %
3.500 (2)
Troll Panada
Witbier| 4.7 %
3.225 (1)
Troll Patela
Strong Ale| 7.2 %
3.275 (1)
Troll Saison Daù
Saison| 3.9 %
3.400 (4)
Troll Shangrila
Spiced Beer| 8.5 %
3.357 (4)
Troll Shangrila Fumè
Smoked Ale| 7.4 %
Troll Stella di Natale Vieille Cuvée
Belgian Strong Ale| 11.5 %

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