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Best Coffee and Chocolate beer...despite the ratings...

General Beer Discussion by DOUBLEBEERSTOUT

We can easily read the reviews on this wonderful site, however, I want actually opinions!! State your favorite Stout that has coffee and chocolate, and why its better than something else, for example: Guinness is better than Beamish simply because guinness has more flavour. It is stronger and has a fuller flavour. Better overall mouthfeel, and is the best price for a bew of that flavour.

18 years ago
# 1
# 1



In Reply To #1 Troegs Brewery of Harrisburg, PA brews a pretty good chocolate/coffee type stout....It has a little too much hop bitterness for me, but other than that, it's good.....I also have to give honorable mention to O'Bryan's Irish Stout from the Church Brew Works here in Pittsburgh, PA...this stout is only brewed for the St. Patrick's Day season and is not mass produced to points outside of this brewpub....At first glance and sniff you will think "Guinness", but after you will taste it, it's not dry at all and has a deep dark burnt malt/coffee flavor to it!....very tasty! Oiz

18 years ago
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