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Home Page

Website Comments by OLENAMIRONYCHEV

Maybe it is just me, but wouldn't it make more sense to have the latest reviews on the front page? Right now I see recent activity (which is nice), I see Members drinking (who cares!?!?!), and I see hottest discussions (which is nice). I think that most recent reviews should replace the recent activity, and a 'Recent Activity' box should join the 2 on the right side with Members Drinking being the least important of the 3. When BeerPal removed the recent reviews in 2018, they lost a lot of regulars (like me). ZX Ventures was going to reinstate them but never did.

6 months ago
# 1
# 1


I'm not happy with the home page, but you're right. Especially since there are already two other menu items to see who is drinking.

Eventually I want to give people the option to choose what they want to see on the home page. 

I also plan to put a notice at the top of the home page for new users. A 'Welcome to BeerPal' with tips on how to get starded. It will keep showing up until they dismiss it.

There have actually been quite a few new members this week, about a half dozen a day. Most of them have verified their accounts, but then they look at the home page and maybe one other and never come back. I think having this 'Tips" notification, and maybe a FAQ will help nudge them in the right direction and make them want to stick around.

6 months ago
# 1.1
# 1.1

@Flashpro I like the idea of being able to customize the home page. I think part of the reason new members leave is that this site is still missing a LOT of the current favourite breweries in America and Europe today.

6 months ago
# 1.2
# 1.2

@PaulCardom None of the new members (except for one I think) since BP3.0 have looked at enough pages to even know what breweries are on the site! Other than the home page, they typically look at the Dashboard and the "Add a Beer" link.

6 months ago
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