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Flashpro's honeymoon

Non-Beer Discussion by CHANGEUP45

Now, why don't you give us a review of your trip? Aroma Appearance Mouthfeel Flavor Overall Ok, that's a joke. But really, how was it?

18 years ago
# 1
# 1


In Reply To #1 Aroma: 8 Appearance: 9 Mouthfeel: 8 Flavor: 7 Overall: 9 Note: This is a review of the trip, not my wife ;) It was pretty good. There were terrible rain storms back home and we managed to only see about 2 hours of rain the whole trip! I hit a brewpub in Charlottesville, South Street Brewery, for a couple good cask conditioned ales. Also got some local beer on draught by Starr Hill Brewing. I didn't know they were located just minutes from the hotel until after I got home. South Street Brewing was just 3 blocks from the hotel :) In Williamsburg the closest thing to a brewpub I went to was Busch Gardens LOL. I passed on the beer but the day was great. Much nicer than Six Flags Great Adventure and Dorney Park, my local amusement parks. The only local beer I had here was Legends Pilsener. However, I did find the place I stumbled upon 3 years ago and picked up 21 new beers :) :) The local grocery stores (Food Lion, never heard of them before) carried only the usual domestic crap, but I picked up sixers of Shiner Bock (something I've never seen in PA) and Williamsburg Brewing's Old Stock Ale, a bottle conditioned beer. I'll begin reviewing soon!

This message was edited by Flashpro at 7/19/2004 1:14:51 PM.

18 years ago
# 2
# 2

In Reply To #2 Sounds like fun, and sounds like you've got some drinking to do!!! I am very familiar with Food Lion, they are all over the place in North Carolina where I went to school (I live in the northeast now - where all that rain was!!!) I don't recall them having too much of a selection (that was pre beerpal days though so I could have missed something). I do like going back to visit because they do have a lot of beer that I just can't get up here. You're wife's probably glad you didn't know that brewery was only a flew blocks from the hotel :) Pretty good ratings, although if they were of your wife I don't think she would like those marks ;)

18 years ago
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