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Alyvu str. 8
Birzu kaimas, Birzu rajonas, 41180


Year Established: 1991


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Biržai region has been known as the capital of Lithuanian brewers. Beer has been produced here for many centuries. There are 4 large breweries and many small breweries in Biržai region that produce more than15 mln liters of beer per year for just 35 thousand population of Biržai! Bižai people have deep beer drinking traditions and one person drinks as much as 160 litres of beer per year! No festival or family parties start and end without dark, rich and strong beer with a slight sweet taste that usually deceives guests thinking that the beer is very light. Unfortunately, they find themselves ending the party too early…If you have never visited Lithuania it is worth to come here and see kind and merry people of Biržai region and drink a nice glass of good traditional beer. Cheers! Brewery Rinkuškiai was established in the year 1991 in Biržai region known as Beer Country in Lithuania. The owners of the brewery – Rimantas Èygas, Petras Kalkys and Sigitas Kalkys are proud of a strong company that has been constantly growing in the market. The brewery stands No5 in the market right after 4 largest breweries in Lithuania and holds 3.5 percent of the market share. Rinkuškiai offers a wide assortment of beer – from light lager to strong stout beer. The brewery puts great emphasis on beer quality that is strictly monitored everyday. Rinkuškiai offers its customers several new brands of beer each year. The company sells beer in usual 0,5 liter glass and in 0,5 liter, 1 liter, 1.5 liter, 2 liter and even 5 liter plastic (PET) bottles that are most convenient when traveling and at social events. Brewery Rinkuškiai has been investing in innovations – the company has the most modern brewering equipment, new buildings were built and renovations made only a year ago. The company plans to implement ISO-9001 standard system and to extend beer export to Latvia, Estonia and the United States. Rinkuškiai beer quality is the result of old traditions of Beer Country, experience of the past generations, and innovations of the modern days. That makes Rinkuškiai beer one of the most exclusive in Lithuania.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Miezinis Classic [3.450]
Most Reviewed: Rinkuskiai Werewolf 8.2% [5]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Rinkuskiai 99
Strong Lager| 9.5 %
2.525 (1)
Rinkuskiai Aiko Stiprus
Strong Lager| 9.5 %
2.817 (3)
Rinkuskiai Before-After Triple Bock
Doppelbock| 12 %
3.017 (3)
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Classic
Strong Lager| 8 %
3.020 (2)
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Extra Stiprusis
Strong Lager| 9 %
2.675 (1)
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Miezinis Classic
Lager| 4.8 %
3.450 (3)
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Piliakalnio
Lager| 6 %
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Stiprusis
Strong Lager| 8 %
Rinkuskiai Birzieciu Tradicinis
Strong Lager| 7 %
3.020 (2)
Rinkuskiai Crazy Brewski
Imperial Pilsener| 15 %
2.950 (1)
Rinkuskiai Dragon Lady Doppelbock
Doppelbock| 9.7 %
2.925 (1)
Rinkuskiai Exclusive
Lager| 5 %
Rinkuskiai Hell On High
Doppelbock| 14 %
2.800 (1)
Rinkuškiai Lobster Lovers Beer 5% (Blue Label)
Pale Lager| 5 %
2.760 (2)
Rinkuškiai Lobster Lovers Beer 9.5%
Strong Lager| 9.5 %
3.084 (3)
Rinkuskiai Miezinis
Lager| 4.8 %
3.100 (3)
Rinkuškiai Missing Elf
Doppelbock| 9.5 %
2.780 (2)
Rinkuskiai Penktas
Light / Lite Lager| 5 %
Rinkuskiai Port Light
Lager| 4.7 %
3.100 (1)
Rinkuskiai Port Premium
Lager| 5 %
Rinkuskiai Uosto
Strong Lager| 8 %
2.850 (1)
Rinkuškiai Werewolf 5.2%
Pale Lager| 5.2 %
2.900 (1)
Rinkuskiai Werewolf 8.2%
Strong Lager| 8.2 %
3.050 (5)
Rinkuskiai Zaibo
Strong Lager| 9.5 %
2.517 (3)
Rinkuskiai Zaibo Plius
Strong Lager| 9.5 %
2.500 (1)

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