Mountaineer Brewing Company

Mountaineer Brewing Company

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219 Lawn Street
Martinsburg, WV, 25405
United States


Year Established: 2005


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Our Story Well, it started many years ago, just outside a sleepy little mountain town, situated between two ridges, that was guarded by the strength of the big rivers we all loved to play in. As in so many little towns of the era, there was plenty of ‘shine’ being made in the hills of West Virginia, all which was good, but a bit too strong. So, a group of Germans in search of religious freedom set up a town, or a settlement as you may call it. Hard work began each long day, building a safe town for their families. Not liking the taste of the libation of the time, one of the Germans decided to go back to his roots and began brewing his favorite beverage of the time, beer. And he declared, “Beer is Good!” Then, over a mug of fresh beer, the German, along with some of the other settlers, got together and decided to produce a horseless carriage so they could go to the market with their farm products to sell and trade with the other townsfolk. Then, they discovered that the wheel had not been invented yet, so they decided to wait for the Wright Brothers to pedal their bicycles to Kitty Hawk to fly their kite. While waiting, the settlers just sat around and drank beer from the 7-11. It was not good beer mind you, but it was beer. Tired of not getting good beer, the Germans revolted and called upon George Jefferson Clinton to correct the problem. All GJC could do is smile and remind them that they lived in West Virginia and what did they expect. Besides, he was pre-occupied by fighting the Congress who wanted to extradite him back to Arkansas because he had told a lie about what is is. Okay, so this is just a wise tale we thought we better write. Truth be known, year after year we were disappointed in the beer offerings here in the State of West Virginia. So many people asked us to create a beer that West Virginians could enjoy, stand behind and be proud of - proud enough to call their beer, Mountaineer Beer. So we did, and the people of West Virginia LOVE it! The End. P.S. About those angry Germans - they were really angry, but not about the beer. They were upset because they just found out they couldn’t get season tickets for Mountaineer Football!

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: Mountaineer Pale Ale [3.273]
Most Reviewed: Mountaineer Pale Ale [8]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Mountaineer Amber Ale
Amber Ale| -
Mountaineer Blonde Lager
Lager| -
3.000 (3)
Mountaineer Brewing Company Lager
Lager| -
3.000 (1)
Mountaineer Nut Brown
Brown Ale| -
2.933 (6)
Mountaineer Pale Ale
American Pale Ale| -
3.273 (8)
Mountaineer Red Ale
Amber Ale| -
2.980 (2)
Mountaineer Stout
Dry Stout| -
3.171 (4)

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