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  • Allagash Odyssey
    rated 4.2 18 years ago

    Aroma: 9 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 9 | Overall: 8

    Chestnut amber, froth of expecially small tan bubbles. Active carbonation. Aroma has hints of vanilla and molasses carob. Rich, full flavor, complex in its briskness, due to the carbonation. Nuts, fruit, leather, vanilla, this one is smooth and teriffic. Too bad its so damned pricy because its awesome.

  • Duvel
    rated 4.4 18 years ago

    Aroma: 9 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 10 | Overall: 9

    One of the all time greats. Frothy, cotton candy-like white froth and sticky lace adorn the glass. Hazy, straw colored with a rapid and active carbonation. Aroma of yeasty citrus and baked sourdough. Crisp taste, nicely hopped balance adds to the malt texture. Finishes drily. Really, really good.

  • Tuppers Hop Pocket Pils
    rated 3.9 19 years ago

    Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 7 | Flavor: 8 | Overall: 8

    Straw yellow with a bit of cloudiness. Very white head is wispy and ephemeral Aroma is freshly floral, herbal and tingling with spiciness. Nicely creamy, yet aggressive with the hops and grainy, grassy flavors. This is an incredibly easy pilsner to like, one of the best I've had from the bottle.

  • Westmalle Dubbel
    rated 4.0 19 years ago

    Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 7 | Flavor: 9 | Overall: 8

    Beer is a rather nice, Pepsi-Cola brown atop of which rides a substantial and billowy beige head of considerable foam. Nose has hints of molasses mingling with alcohol and fermenting old fruits. Palate is creamy, a bit stinging yet pleasant. Taste is rich and wonderful. Carbonation dances on the tounge as flavor notes of faint chocolate intermingle with overripe fruit and roasted caramel apples. Finish is sweet and lingering, yet creamy and biting all at the same time. Very good.

  • Stoudts Gold Lager
    rated 3.6 19 years ago

    Aroma: 7 | Appearance: 7 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 7 | Overall: 7

    Golden in color, as befits the name, this brew produces a prodigious head of white fluff following a vigourous pour. Pretty lacing grips the glass as the beer is consumed. Floral aroma, aggressive yet smooth mouthfeel of medium fullness adds to the experience. A bit biscuity in flavor, and clean with a nice rounded finish. Very nice for the style.

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