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Gift Packs (Christmas or Otherwise)

General Beer Discussion by CYRENAICA

Not sure about the rest of you, but here in Ontario, our Communist Overlords bring in the same gift packs year after year (Leffe, Beers of Belgium, Ancient Beers of Scotland, etc).  


I usually try and grab a case or 2 of the St. Bernardus gift pack, but aside from that, if it doesn't come with a free glass, or multiple beers I haven't tried before, I tend to stay away.


I do with they would bring back the Spencer Trappist gift pack, it was well worth the money.


Any thoughts from others?


4 weeks ago
# 1
# 1


They have basically the same gift packs here too. 

I started going to a new beer shop a couple months ago. They have a pretty good selection, so maybe they'll have something new this year. Like you, I won't bother if it's a bunch of repeat beers, unless there's a nice glass for a reasonable price.

4 weeks ago
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