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For What It's Worth, Bud vs Extra Gold.

General Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

The comparison that all of BeerPal is holding their breath for!

I gotta do this now and then, to keep everything on the up and up.

Extra Gold 12 oz can May 1021 vs Budweiser 16 oz can 06OCT21.

2 years ago
# 1
# 1

Extra Gold golden color vs Budweiser pale yellow.

Extra Gold malty vs Budweiser light fizzy.

Extra Gold very light IBU's vs Budweiser a few IBU's more.

2 years ago
# 2
# 2

Extra Gold more flavor vs Budweiser more watery.

Extra Gold $ best value $ vs Budweiser best lawnmower brew.

Extra Gold thicker longer lasting foam vs Budweiser fizzy foam dissapates more quickly.

2 years ago
# 3
# 3

There ya have it! Both are ideal burgers n fries complementary beers. Flavors differ slightly, but Extra Gold is clearly friendlier to the wallet/purse.

Any questions?  :)

2 years ago
# 4
# 4

Yuengling is my baseline, sorry. Need a do over.

1 year ago
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