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Founders Backwoods Bastard.

General Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Finally Found a Fourpack of Founders Backwoods Bastard.  ;)

World Class ratings. Very worth sampling.

As our new Super said when I gave him a bottle, "Tastes like bourbon! I can taste the alcohol!"

Drink it for its own sake. This is NOT a burgers n fries complementary brew. Too heavy in flavor and booziness. Grab a couple cold Extra Gold Lagers instead.

1 year ago
# 1
# 1


It's good stuff in small amounts.

1 year ago
# 2
# 2


This beer made it to the Ontario Liquor Store system about a decade ago as part of several Founder's beers.  It was the only one I went back for more.  However, like Heemer said, it's good, but I found that one was enough in one evening

1 year ago
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