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Fireball Cinnamon.

Non-Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Hated by whiskey critics, but the public can't get enough!

They have whisky, they have wine, they have malt versions. Very, very, popular. The critics pan them thoroughly, and they cry all the way to the bank. :D

1 week ago
# 1
# 1


1 week ago
# 2
# 2

They do still have boxes. I saw one and asked the liquor store lady about it. It's two bags of booze, and it's popular with campers.

1 week ago
# 3
# 3

I've drank the whiskey and malt versions; haven't seen the wine version.

Verdict? Just fer the heckofit, it's a fun different beverage.  :)

Regular session drink? Not at all.

1 week ago
# 4
# 4


I hate Fireball. People sure love to do shots of it though. 

4 days ago
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