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Seasonal splurge leads to a good-but-trivial discovery.

Non-Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Cold-Snow-Covid make for a kinda boring everyday, do they not?

I haven't purchased tequila for years, and it's been quite a long time since I last visited the local liquor store.

Shopping the mid-range...not the tippy-toes-top-shelf or the scrunch-down-in-the narrow-aisle-bottom-shelf...cost me over 80 bucks with tax for just three bottles. And only one of them was a full 1L !!!  :o

Better stop now and do a second post, so I don't get timed out.

1 month ago
# 1
# 1

I gots a blue bottle of an old favorite, Milagro Silver...a 1L of Hornitos Plata, and a Redemption High Rye Bourbon.

Did some of the usual salt/wedge of citrus shots with the Milagro, but wasn't too pleased with that using Hornitos. No particular mixers on hand, so I got a bottle of humble reconstituted lemon juice. Wasn't in the mood for extensive shopping,ok?  :D

1 month ago
# 2
# 2

I suggest a regular 8-10 oz coffee cup. Heat ~ 6 oz of water for less than a minute. Add a generous dash of lemon juice and a generous shot of Hornitos. The Hornitos and the lemon juice are a perfect blend! Whodathunkit.  ;)

Simple, easy, good for a day like today.

1 month ago
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