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Ye Olde Beerpal Chat Forum.

Non-Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Sine I've pulled up some old threads, I should give fair mention to the Chat Forum that once existed.

There was at least one Beerpal Beer Tasting that I participated in. As I recall it went smoothly. A few other occasions went well, also.

But there were often a variety of glitches. To make matters worse, I once tried to participate using Tor...forget it!

We had a more successful Chat Forum (sorry Flash) @ FretPlay, but that site is long gone. I still have my FretPlay t-shirts, with a maroon Gibson SG on the left, a light green Fender Strat with white pickguard on the right, and an unidentified grape-purple bass in the middle, behind the other two.

Blast From The Past!


2 years ago
# 1
# 1

1st word "Sine" should read "Since".

What happened to the Edit function?

2 years ago
# 1.1
# 1.1

@Kendo_Surf apparently there's no way to edit the original topic. oops

2 years ago
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