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Are Genesee Brewing's best days behind them?

General Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Well, it seems so.

Remember the Schlitz Slime Debacle many years ago?

Maybe Genny is under different management now, idk. They struck out with Genny Bock, Oktoberfest, and now THE BIG RETURN of an old favorite, 12 Horse Ale.

They all taste like cheap knockoffs. I was especially disappointed with the 12 Horse. I bought four twelve packs outright, when I saw it. YAY! I missed this brew for a long time!!

Boo! Now I'm stuck with a bunch of cans...of drain pour.

Sorry, Genny. You were our gang's beer of choice in high school, but those days are gone. I'm gone from your list of customers. G'bye.


3 months ago
# 1
# 1

Caveat emptor, but some leeway is ok.

Bought a 12 pack of Honey Brown at a decent price, to try this "new" honey beer. Didn't notice the fine print until checkout...Genesee Specialty.  :o


2 weeks ago
# 2
# 2

This reviewer is trying to remember the name, JW Dundee.

Merely a pseudonym for Genesee Brewing. The Honey Brown Lager was sometimes sought out, even by the Labatt Blue crowd. If I remember correctly, it was both darker and sweeter than this recent version.

2 weeks ago
# 3
# 3

I agree that this is a good brew.

Further, Genesee Brew House Pilot Series has some nice products aboard. I sorta forgot the "good side" of the Genny saga, with the fails of a number of their macro standards. They are all over the place in terms of quality...perhaps a result of increasing contract brewing.

2 weeks ago
# 4
# 4

I really liked some of the really sweet honey beers that were around. Maybe some still are. Michelob had a definite dessert honey beer. Of all, I remember Brewery Hill's honey beer as being like chomping on a honeycomb with a moderate amount of alcohol in it!

Hey Brewery Hill still extant? You are a PA native; they are/were a PA Brewery. ;)

4 days ago
# 4.1
# 4.1

@Kendo_Surf yes, I'm still in PA, but I've never heard of Brewery Hill.

3 days ago
# 4.2
# 4.2

@Flashpro I sent an email to this site. Can't find anything online. So, maybe they can shed some light?

1 day ago
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