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Beer Mixing: A Valid Approach?

General Beer Discussion by KENDO_SURF

Well now y'all, I've seen mention of this topic but I don't think there was ever an actual thread? Beer mixing can be frivolous or fun or wasteful (drain pours) but can it also be useful? Case in point...I have cans of Founders Centennial IPA left in the fridge. It's a fine product, but I'm palate-weary of the heavy and bitter flavor. Keystone Light is a basic, clean, and (of course) watered-down beer. Mixing the two is a successful project! :) Anyone else wanna contribute their experience(s) with Beer Mixing? {;-)

6 months ago
# 1
# 1


It's not something I've ever attempted on my own, and only rarely tried by others. A black and tan is about it for me. 

Not sure I'd want to waste some decent beer experimenting. And if it's non-decent beer, that I wouldn't care about wasting, then I don't think it's worse trying to mix LOL. 

If others want to try, I say go for it!

6 months ago
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