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Possble Glitch

Website Comments by PAULCARDOM

When looking at notifications, I initially see buttons on top that say Mark As Read Remove All It would be nice if both buttons stayed at the top. Once you click on 'Mark As Read', the 'Remove All' button disappears and you have to manually remove them. A user should have the choice of 'reading' them, and then use the other button to 'remove' them

6 months ago
# 1
# 1


Stop being lazy and remove them one by one like the rest of us!

6 months ago
# 2
# 2


That's already a top item on my to-do list. What I hate the most is that the buttons disappear when you have less than 2 left, which makes the whole column jump up and you have to adjust the mouse before clicking the last one!

6 months ago
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