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Southern Tier OVERPACK'D.

General Beer Discussion by KENDOSURF

Ventured into IPA land again. This 15 pack cost almost $20.00 bt&d...that's Ouch! territotry to my beer budget sensibilities, generally. I'll be fair. The BA ratings ranged from GOOD -----> OUTSTANDING for these five selections. None of them really appeal to me. Not a sign of poor product quality; it's a matter of personal preference. Their choices of flavor blends weren't done with my approval! You'd think they could at least have given me a call first? :D IPA may wanna try these if you haven't already. Your perspectives may indeed differ from my own.

1 year ago
# 1
# 1

Second time around is better. Store was running very low in the beer section, but had some of these 15 packs on a shelf. Oh well... No super favorites here, but I'm acknowledging BA's favorable reviews. :)

8 months ago
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