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Unibroue white ale and aging

General Beer Discussion by IRONHELM

Quick question. One of the stores I go to on the way home from work still has several bottles of the Chambly white ale with a best by date of 2000 on them. I've bought the higher octane stuff 2 years past the date and it was GOLD. However,with the lower ABV and being 4 full years beyond the date I'm kinda iffy about snatching em up. Whadya think? Thanks

18 years ago
# 1
# 1


In Reply To #1 I would guess these wouldn't age so well. I've had it fresh and loved it, as well as the Don de Dieu, but never an aged Blanche de Chambly. It's not all that rare of a beer, I probably wouldn't take the chance. If, on the other hand, you can't find fresh bottles in your area, buy one, try it, and go from there.

18 years ago
# 2
# 2

Yea,I was thinking along the same lines. I've had bottle conditioned beer that was 7-8 years old which I can only describe as nectar of the godz,but that was in the 9-10% ABV range. The store does have fresh stuff which I have had. If I'm gonna spent big $$ on a wit beer,I'll stick Hoegaarden. Thanks

18 years ago
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