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Two of very useful Deutsch bier sites

General Beer Discussion by BRADPEAR This site is in Deutsch, but it is an excellent source of biers worldwide. The site reflects my taste pretty well, and the review of Old Raspukin and Sierra headache are poetry. This site pulls no punches, and when they tell you a bier is bad or good, trust 'em! This is has about 50% English content , and is first class concerning who brews what, where, and how to get there. This site covers the Baden Wurtemburg area very well. I have been to several breweries on the advise of the site, and have been delighted at the results. One observation: On my trips to Belgium, when I am out in the countryside, I notice the majority of the locals drink the local version of Pils. It seems most of our images of Belgie biers are "tourist" brews. This is not to say the locals will not sit down and buy you several rounds of their local favorites, but for a steady diet, like most of the world, they drink Pils.I would not go from Deutschland (much less the USA) to drink Belgie Pils! Which brings up the next topic: Don't believe for a second the bier diversity in Deutschland is limited to a small number of styles. I will not argue that Belgium is the capital of Ales, but Deutschland, (along with Austria and the Czech Repiblic) are the lager lovers dream land. While Helles is not even a catagory on the beerpals catagory list, in Bäyern it is king of lagers! Up Nord you have Pils as the dominate brew, but not limited to pils by a long shot. Then the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) area has some of the best (and worse!) biers in the republic. Check out the one man wood fired breweries in the Schwarzwald! I might add compared to what I am used to in the the USA; small operation, six or seven different brews, the Deutsch tend to brew the local style (as in what people will pay for), and stick to one or two biers, with what we know as seasonal during uhhhhh, the season! Seasons in small operations can be very short, so plan occordingly! For that matter, there is an entire continent here, and the Eastern European countries all have a long brewing tradition and are the new frontier! P.S As my father would say "I am only Catholic, I am not the Pope". However I am in Deutschland, and know Belgium fairly well. If you are traveling this way, I can give out some tips on what to do other then drink bier, where to stay, and some neat places to spend time. For the price of the bier and the post from Deutschland, I will gladly send any biers in limited amounts back to the States or any place else for that matter! Due to the cost of post, and the amount of packing materials to insure safe arrival, the price of a less then one Euro bier can rise dramaticaly, so be advised!

18 years ago
# 1
# 1

Let me point out this link on the second site I listed Win the lotto, your crop comes in, here is your first purchase!

18 years ago
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