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American Beers in Italy

General Beer Discussion by JIMM5775

Hey i will be traveling to rome and the amalfi coast for 10 days soon with a bunch of my buddies.... i was wondering what american beers are served in pubs and bars over there?? Also, what are some great other beers to drink while im there...italian any foriegn beers?? thanks a ton jim

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18 years ago
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In Reply To #1 Well, I'm not sure what you'll find in the way of American beers there, but Italy has a couple good breweries of it's own. Why travel if you're just going to have American food and drink? I hope you're not planning on going to the McDonald's everynight... Italy is home to the Baladin Brewery. I've only had Super Baladin, and it was excellent. Baladin Nora is supposed to be very good as well. I would look for anything by Baladin. I believe their beers only come in 750ml bottles. The standard beers will probably be Peroni and Moretti. Look for Moretti La Rossa, and Peroni Gran Riserva. Both are basically maibocks that have some good acclaim. I have never been to Italy, so I can't really tell what you'll find, but try everything you can! Let us know how it went.

18 years ago
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