Ängö Kvartersbryggeri

Ängö Kvartersbryggeri

Baggensgatan 12C
Kalmar, 39230

(733) 460033

Year Established: 2010


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History In 1910 built Nils Gustav Blomqvist a solid farmhouse on his property on Ängö in Kalmar, where he decorated NG Blomqvist's cooperage. On the walls hung the tools in rows and in one corner of the room there was a fire in the fireplace, where the wood for the barrels heated up. Going up the stairs found a timber warehouse, a saw and a lathe. Nils Gustav and his team which comprised six, seven and coopers made barrels henchmen for all sorts of wet goods. It was sillfjärdingar, pots, buckets, tubs and ölkaggar. Best selling smördrittlingarna in the Småland and Öland dairies packed their butter for further export to England. In almost sixty years was the business of the house before Nils Gustaf son Albert tape on the very last barrel 1968th Thereafter, the building has been used as a warehouse. One hundred years after construction, it is so once again time for the craftsmanship of the old tunnbinderiet, and activities are closely related. It will once again delivered ölkaggar! They are now made of stainless steel and filled with flavor content. The entire venue has undergone a major refurbishment during winter 2009/2010 and adapted for the brewery's needs with floor drains, wall and floor tiles. Brewing equipment is made in Austria and consists of a copper-clad brew works (mash and pans and associated tissue) adjusted to a volume of 1600 liters per brew that is neatly located within the beautiful paned windows on the ground floor. The heat source to the coffee plant is a gas-powered steam generator of 130 kW. Upstairs you will find two fermentation tanks and six storage tanks, including those of 1600 liter net, welded stainless steel. The initiator and master brewer in the small neighborhood brewery is Kalma rite Johan Hakansson since 1993 brewed beer at home in the basement for home consumption. With the start of the brewery he throws himself into the exciting and growing micro-brewery industry.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: Ängö Oktoberfestlig Ängöl [3.225]
Most Reviewed: Ängö Alla Tiders Ängöl [1]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
Ängö Alla Tiders Ängöl
Lager| 5 %
3.175 (1)
Ängö Blomqvists Ängöl Porter
Porter| 5.2 %
3.075 (1)
Ängö Diabolisk Ängöl Belgisk Dubbel
Abbey Dubbel| 6.5 %
3.100 (1)
Ängö Ljuva Livets Ängöl ÄSB
Extra Special Bitter| 5.8 %
3.100 (1)
Ängö Oktoberfestlig Ängöl
Marzen / Oktoberfest| 5.8 %
3.225 (1)

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