Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
6 Randolph Crescent
Edinburgh, United Kingdom EH3 7TH
United Kingdom
Phone: (131) 220 7230
Established: 2003
Official site:
Last updated: 9/5/2018 12:41:21 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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In 2002 our Founder and Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp was asked to create a beer to mature in bourbon barrels to impart a sweet, malty flavour. This beer would then be thrown out, and the barrels would go on to age spirits. But Dougal had a brain wave;

What if this was the start of something great?

What if the beer was actually getting better whilst in the barrel? Turns out, he was absolutely right and Innis & Gunn was bor...
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Innis & Gunn 15 (2003 - 20018 Barrel Aged Double IPA)  Imperial IPA 7.4%2.951
Innis & Gunn Blonde Lightly Oaked Beer  English Strong Ale 6%3.29311
Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky  Strong Ale 6.8%3.2663
Innis & Gunn Bourbon Aged Stout  Foreign / Extra Stout 7.4%3.5116
Innis & Gunn Bourbon Barrel Porter  Porter 7.4%3.251
Innis & Gunn Bourbon Dark Ale  Scottish Ale 7.4%3.2163
Innis & Gunn Canada Day  English Strong Ale 8.3%3.2843
Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Beer  English Strong Ale 8.3%3.153
Innis & Gunn Cask Strength Oak Aged Beer  Scottish Ale 7.7%3.6714
Innis & Gunn Don's Choice  American Black Ale 6.2%3.082
Innis & Gunn Fired Oak Scotch Ale  Scottish Ale 7%3.153
Innis & Gunn Frank and Sense  Spiced Beer 5.8%3.222
Innis & Gunn Gunnpowder IPA  IPA 5.6%3.34
Innis & Gunn Higher Ground  Amber Ale 6.2%3.182
Innis & Gunn Hopped Bourbon Cask Ale  Strong Ale 7.4%3.022
Innis & Gunn India Pale Ale  IPA 5.6%3.0843
Innis & Gunn Innis & None  Reduced Alcohol 
Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Cask  Stout 7.4%3.6412
Innis & Gunn Island Cask  English Strong Ale 7.2%3.082
Innis & Gunn Karlsson’s choice  English Strong Ale 7.4%
Innis & Gunn Kith & Kin  Stout 5.8%3.2163
Innis & Gunn Lager Beer  Lager 4.6%3.053
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Canadian Cask   English Strong Ale 7.1%3.087
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Highland Cask  English Strong Ale 7.1%2.99210
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Hopped Bourbon Cask Ale  English Strong Ale 7.4%3.0751
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Independence Day 2012  English Strong Ale 8%3.5574
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Kindred Spirits  Stout 6.1%3.4343
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Oak Aged Beer  Strong Ale 7.2%3.4885
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Oak Aged IPA  IPA 6.4%2.9828
Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Rye Whiskey Cask  Scottish Ale 8%3.21
Innis & Gunn Malt Whiskey Trail  Scottish Ale 7.4%3.22
Innis & Gunn Mangoes On the Run  Fruit Beer 5.6%3.151
Innis & Gunn Maple & Thistle Rye Ale  Rye Beer 5%3.122
Innis & Gunn Marmalade IPA  IPA 5.6%3.1751
Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Winter Beer  Scottish Ale 8.5%3.322
Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Winter Beer 2011  English Strong Ale 7.4%3.21
Innis & Gunn Oloroso Cask  Scottish Ale 7.4%3.0574
Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer  Scottish Ale 6.6%3.65445
Innis & Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale  English Strong Ale 5.8%2.9843
Innis & Gunn Raspberry Barrel Aged Saison  Saison 6%3.0751
Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer  English Strong Ale 7.4%3.46425
Innis & Gunn Scotch Whisky Porter  Porter 7.4%3.1751
Innis & Gunn Scottish Pale Ale  Scottish Ale 7%3.11
Innis & Gunn Scottish Porter  Porter 7.4%3.45
Innis & Gunn Secret Saison  Saison 4.5%3.142
Innis & Gunn Session IPA  IPA 4.6%3.11
Innis & Gunn Smokin' Gunn  Smoked Ale 7.4%3.0251
Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Aged Porter  Imperial Porter 7.4%3.182
Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum Finish  English Strong Ale 7.4%3.1098
Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak India Pale Ale  IPA 5.6%3.34610
Innis & Gunn Triple Matured Oak Aged Beer  English Strong Ale 7.2%3.1625
Innis & Gunn Tropic Like It's Hop  American Pale Ale 4.4%3.082
Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 01  Imperial Stout 11%
Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 02  Imperial Stout 11%3.21
Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 03  Imperial Stout 11%3.1251
Innis & Gunn White Oak Wheat Beer  Krystal Weizen 6.4%3.142
Innis & Gunn Winter Beer 2012  Imperial Porter 8.1%3.251
Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter Oak Aged Beer  Porter 7.4%3.25
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