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  • Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
    rated 4.7 19 years ago

    Aroma: 9 | Appearance: 10 | Mouthfeel: 9 | Flavor: 10 | Overall: 9

    First off, huge thanks go out to BeerFan for the chance to sample this rare gem. I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this one for some time now. Presentation: 12 oz bottle with year notched in b/t '04 and '05. States that it's a "very dark beer brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley". Color me fascinated. Appearance: Dense black pour with a cloud-like tan head. Amazing retention for the ABV. A few carbonation cascades up the side of the glass. Looks for menacing and inviting. Smell: Warming alcohol, rum soaked raisins, dark plums, a touch of vanilla, some definite oak overtones. A medely for the nose! Taste: Yikes! This stuff is amazing! Licorice, vanilla, oak, a touch of smoke, milk chocolate, capuccino, and some esters that pop up here and there. The alcohol is blended amazingly well. I've had much lower ABV stouts that did a terrible job of hiding the ABV (think Avery's Czar). This is truly an amazing brew. I can't get over how great this tastes and how well it's balanced. Mouthfeel: Medium to full bodied. Perfectly balanced blend of smooth and just a hint of carbonation to keep it interesting. Drinkability: Well, this one is a sipper for sure. But if available, I would have it in my regular rotation. The alcohol does not inhibit the experience. In fact, I'll have to slow down just so it doesn't punch me in the face. This is a world class stout in my opinion. Thanks again BeerFan! The only bad thing I can say about this brew is that I only have one bottle.

  • Stone Imperial Russian Stout
    rated 4.5 19 years ago

    Aroma: 9 | Appearance: 9 | Mouthfeel: 9 | Flavor: 9 | Overall: 9

    This stout is amazing. It makes others look a little silly by comparision. The bottle has the typical gargoyle with a "Limited early 2004 release. Bogartski while you can..." on the front. It pours like crude oil with a tan/brown foamy head. It has HUGE smells of malts, coffeee, and roasted goodness. The taste is huge, chunky, and complex. All I taste is malts and alcohol. This is definitely a sipping brew at 10.8% ABV. I purposely sampled one today and set one aside for later in hopes that the alcohol may mellow with time. The alcohol isn't hugely overpowering but it would be better if it wasn't quite as prominent. I'm not sure I'm worthy enough to drink this brew. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Aroma: 6 | Appearance: 6 | Mouthfeel: 6 | Flavor: 6 | Overall: 6

    I was initially intrigued but after drinking it, it just left me unfulfilled. I tasted too much alchohol and not enough of the nuances in flavor that I hoped to experience. Maybe I set my expectations too high. It was worth trying once but I wouldn't go back for seconds. [ serving type: on-tap ]

  • Barley's Brewing Pint O Joe
    rated 4.1 19 years ago

    Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 7 | Mouthfeel: 9 | Flavor: 9 | Overall: 8

    Served at their 5th anniversary celebration in a special Pint O' Joe pint glass that is yours to keep for an extra $1.25. Appearance: Looks like they ran across the street and got a big ol' cloudy, nasty sample of the Olentangy River and put it in the glass. For those of you not from around here, it's pale brown and cloudy in the glass with a thin disappating head that clings to the rim of the glass. Smell: It was served too cold for me to pick up much of a smell. They serve most of their beers too cold for me but that's just personal preference. Hints of sweet malt and Folger's coffee creep out of the glass. Taste: Mmmm...tastes like a coffee milk shake. Definite prominent coffee flavor with a roasted carmel under tone. Hints of smokiness throughout the sip. No hop bitterness to speak of. Mouthfeel: slick and creamy. Very smooth and easy going down the hatchet. Drinkability and overall: This is great! Easy drinking. If you like coffee and porter, this is your beer. I think this is right up there with the best of Barley's offerings. A nice way to kick off the 5th anniversary celebrations!

  • Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 8 | Overall: 8

    Served on-tap at Barley's Smokehouse No.2 Appearance: A hazy orange with an ivory-white head. This is just a fine looking IPA. Great name too! Smell: Citrusy hops but it was served too cold so I think that's affecting my ability to pick up much of a smell. Still, very consistent with the style. Taste: Typical excellent IPA-fare. Citrusy and grapefruit-like. A hoppy, wheaty bite with malt presence but definitely in the background. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, high on the carbonation and very refreshing. Drinkability: Suffers a little bit but this is typical of the style for me. I can only handle so much tongue-ripping goodness in one night. I never drink more than one IPA in a sitting. Still, this is a damn fine one. I don't consider myself a hop-head so if you are, this one may be run of the mill. But for a guy who digs stouts, this is a very nice IPA and a very-well crafted beer. Another fine offering by Smokehouse No. 2

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