Hostinsky pivovar a hotel Excelent

Hostinsky pivovar a hotel Excelent

Pivovarska 10
Rymarov, okres Bruntal, 79501
Czech Republic

+420 554 211 942

Year Established: 2007


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Tavern Brewery and Hotel Excellent restored after more than 100 years of brewing tradition in Rýmařov. The renovated former brewery burger, which has been the beer was brewed in 1662, again living beer brewed according to old recipes with a distinctive taste. It is tapping in a natural state with no heat and chemical stabilization, as they may drink only breweries in breweries. The production of our beer yeast selective use pilsner malt resulting from the fertile fields of Hana and Moravian Saaz hops - Poloranný hops. In our brewery brews 11% Lager Excellent, 13% semi-dark special Excellent. To guarantee the quality of beer brewer Mojmir great.

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Beer | Style | ABV Score
Excelent Polotmavy Special 13 %
Vienna / Amber Lager| 5.5 %
Excelent Svetly Lezak 11 %
Bohemian / Czech Pilsener| 4.5 %
Excelent Tmavy Lezak 12 %
Dunkel / Dark Lager| 5 %

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