Brewery Orval S.A.

Brewery Orval S.A.

Abbaye d'Orval
Villers-devant-Orval, B-6823

+32 61 311 261

Year Established: 1931


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Located within the confines of the Abbey, the Orval Brewery was created in 1931 to finance the enormous reconstruction works of Orval. It has hired lay workers from the outset, including the master brewer, Pappenheimer, who invented the recipe. The brewer’s commercial policy is adapted to the values of the monastic community. Income from Royalties generated from the brand name go to social welfare works and the maintenance of the buildings. While the Orval Brewery believes in a moderate production, it is anything but negligible. The brewery produces 22 million bottles every year. More than 85% of its production is sold on the Belgian market. Within the historic perimeter, the monastic community and its brewmasters have continually developed the brewing activities. The brewery permanently and continually invests in its production equipment in order to ensure better control of the brewing process and regular production. The aim is to satisfy demand and honour the loyalty of Orval enthusiasts.

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Most Drunk: Orval [7]
Highest Rated: Orval [4.102]
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Beer | Style | ABV Score
Belgian Ale| 6.2 %
4.102 (154)
Petit Orval
Belgian Ale| 3.5 %
3.560 (7)

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