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3rd Sign Brewery

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1131 Uniek Drive
Waunakee, WI, 53597
United States


Year Established: 2016


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Brewery Closed on May 17, 2017 3rd Sign was born on the idea that there is not only one of everything but many faces of one. Each beer style can be brewed on opposing ends of the flavor spectrum showcasing its dual nature. 3rd Sign’s philosophy is to display the duality within craft beer. The Twins and its two opposing personalities represent the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini. The central feature of Gemini is duality and polarity, left and right, black and white, evil and good – two alternate lives existing together for mutual benefit. At 3rd Sign we will showcase this dual nature via different interpretations of the same style of beer. Each style has many faces and our job will be to highlight its opposing sides. Asking for an IPA or a Stout no longer has any meaning. What if we showed you how different a sibling can be? An IPA can be as black as a Stout in its Black IPA interpretation or as refreshing and drinkable in its Session IPA form. 3rd Sign will display the unique personalities within the same family. In doing so, we will showcase the depth and complexity of craft beer using a distinctive approach, new to the market. The 3rd Sign name embodies the creativity, complexity and curiousness of the craft beer movement.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: 3rd Sign Sauer Kirsche [3.100]
Most Reviewed: 3rd Sign Sauer Kirsche [1]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
3rd Sign Abandon All Hope
Spiced Beer| 7 %
3rd Sign Beatrice Chocolate Cherry Porter
Porter| 7 %
3rd Sign Castor
American Wheat| 4.5 %
3rd Sign Forest IPA
IPA| 6.5 %
3rd Sign Hausgeist White IPA
Witbier| 5.5 %
3rd Sign Jungle Grapefruit IPA
IPA| 6 %
3rd Sign Madagascar Vanilla Mild Ale
Mild Ale| 4.5 %
3rd Sign OSIRIS
Imperial Stout| 9 %
3rd Sign OSIRIS Afterlife
Imperial Stout| 11 %
3rd Sign Pollux Soursop Witbier
Witbier| 4.5 %
3rd Sign Sauer Kirsche
Fruit Beer| 4.5 %
3.100 (1)
3rd Sign Sumatra Coffee Mild Ale
Mild Ale| 4.5 %
3rd Sign Zenu's Arrow
Lager| 5.6 %

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