13 Barrels Brewing Company

13 Barrels Brewing Company

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215 Cunard Street
Bathurst, New Brunswick, E2A 0C4


Year Established: 2020


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We LOVE Bathurst and we LOVE Good Beer! So … combining these two things made a lot of sense to the Young family. Family adventures for the Young’s have always included seeking out local microbreweries to sample home-grown brewing craftsmanship. Quality not Quantity! Sampling fresh, local products in a community tasting room has been a passion; the notion of raising a glass in our hometown, overlooking the harbour front, has been a dream for a number of years. Dreams do come true; 13 Barrels Brewing Company offers quality, unique beers in a community Tasting Room that Bathurst can be proud to call its own. The Brew Crew We are delighted to announce that one of our own will be returning home to Bathurst after a decade away to become 13 Barrel’s Brewer. Benjamin Doucet is hard at work helping with every aspect of establishing both the production facilities and tasting room of 13 Barrels Brewing Company. Ben graduated from Bathurst High School in 2008 and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mount Allison University in 2013. Ben always appreciated a “quality” brew and his science background provided the tools necessary to master the complex chemistry involved in beer making. He joined Picaroons Traditional Ales in 2013 and has worked as a Brewer with that team for the past five years. Although working with Picaroons was an incredible professional experience, Ben and his wife Lindsey are delighted to be returning home to establish themselves professionally and personally in the great city of Bathurst. Why 13 Barrels Brewing you ask? The legend goes... It was a dark time, a sobering time: Summer 1920 - Bathurst, NB. Narry a legal drink to be had · Northern NB was rumored to be a haven for a robust bootlegging trade with transshipment points in Bathurst, Miscou Island and throughout the Caraquet Coast. · A serious attempt was made to stamp out the demon alcohol. Joseph Gammon, an upstanding Bathurst citizen who upheld the Prohibition Laws of the day, bravely mounted a posse. · Joseph and his sober gang, ventured up the Nepisiquit River, and seized 13 Barrels of illegal alcohol and saved the good citizenry of Bathurst from years of relaxation and fine brew. · During dangerous times, our fore-fathers obviously appreciated a glass of good brew. Let’s celebrate the return of 13 good Barrels! The Family 13 Barrels Brewing Company is a family owned business operated by David, Margot Young and family. David Young was born in West Bathurst and the family enjoy spending time together at their property at Anderson Point Lane. The Young family have long enjoyed “coming home to Bathurst” and believe a microbrewery will be a good fit in the community. We’ve got a combination of good people, good ideas, good beer and a deep-rooted pride in all the community of Bathurst has to offer.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: 13 Barrels Brewing Miss Clara's Kolsch [3.125]
Most Reviewed: 13 Barrels Brewing Miss Clara's Kolsch [1]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
13 Barrels Brewing A Loyal Dog
Vienna / Amber Lager| 5.6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Blood Orange IPA
IPA| 6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Cascade
American Pale Ale| 5.1 %
3.050 (1)
13 Barrels Brewing Dog Daze
IPA| 6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Gnarly
Light / Lite Lager| 4 %
13 Barrels Brewing Harbour Mist
English Pale Ale| 4.6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Miss Clara's Kolsch
Kölsch| 5.2 %
3.125 (1)
13 Barrels Brewing Orinoco Goose
Oatmeal Stout| 5.2 %
13 Barrels Brewing Pabineau
American Pale Ale| 5.1 %
13 Barrels Brewing Rendez-Vous
Vienna / Amber Lager| 5.5 %
13 Barrels Brewing Spruce IPA
IPA| 6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Tall Tales IPA
IPA| 6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Tipsy Barrel Radler
Fruit Beer| 4.6 %
13 Barrels Brewing Wild Goose
Stout| 5.2 %

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