The Bruery
715 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA 92870
United States
Phone: 714-996-MALT (6258)
Established: 2008
Official site:
Facebook: /TheBruery
Last updated: 11/22/2011 3:01:30 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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A small craft brewery located in Orange County, California. Our simple but often confusing name is a fusion of 'brewery' with our family name, Rue.

Our calling is to create beers with character and depth using the simplest and purest of means. We do not filter or pasteurize our beers. All of our bottled beers gain carbonation through 100% bottle conditioning, allowing carbonation to naturally occur through a secondary bottle fermentati...
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Bruery Terreux Sans Pagaie (2015 -)  Wild Ale 6.6%3.21
The Bruery / Blue Jacket Washington O.C.  Abbey Quadrupel 10%3.2251
The Bruery / Bottle Logic Tumerescence  Saison 8%3.31
The Bruery / Cigar City Marrón Acidifié  Flanders Oude Bruin 8.5%3.6163
The Bruery / Hangar 24 Ichigo Highway  Wild Ale 5.5%3.1751
The Bruery / Lawson’s Finest Acer Quercus  Strong Ale 9%3.5294
The Bruery / Noble Ale Works Tout Mais Le Coller  Fruit Beer 7.7%3.31
The Bruery / Taps Provisions Series: A Stein's Throw  Strong Ale 3.2251
The Bruery / The Rare Barrel Cherry Glazier  Wild Ale 7%3.151
The Bruery 0% Brett Saison de Lente  Saison 6.5%3.1751
The Bruery 100% Brett Autumn Maple  Spiced Beer 10%3.1251
The Bruery 100% Brett Saison de Lente  Saison 6.5%3.2251
The Bruery 11 Pipers Piping  Scottish Ale 11%3.31
The Bruery 2 Turtle Doves  Belgian Strong Ale 12%3.69211
The Bruery 3 French Hens  Belgian Strong Ale 10%3.4294
The Bruery 4 Calling Birds  Belgian Strong Ale 11%3.4163
The Bruery 5 Golden Rings  Belgian Strong Ale 11.5%3.6676
The Bruery 6 Geese A Laying  Belgian Strong Ale 11.5%3.4163
The Bruery 7 Swans a Swimming  Abbey Quadrupel 11%3.1751
The Bruery 8 Maids-A-Milking  Imperial Stout 13.7%3.5163
The Bruery 9 Ladies Dancing  Belgian Strong Ale 11.3%3.31
The Bruery American Anthem  Strong Ale 13.6%3.11
The Bruery Autumn Maple  Spiced Beer 10%3.418
The Bruery Bakery - Coconut Macaroons  Imperial Stout 13%3.351
The Bruery Barrel Aged Batch 1 (Levuds)  Belgian Strong Ale 11%3.282
The Bruery Batch #1000 Bryeian  American Black Ale 7%3.342
The Bruery Batch #300  Abbey Tripel 8.2%3.3343
The Bruery Batch #50 Grand Funk Aleroad (G.F.A.R.)  Gueuze 5.8%3.63
The Bruery Batch 1 (Levuds)  Belgian Strong Ale 11%3.3896
The Bruery Beauregarde  Wild Ale 5.3%3.262
The Bruery BeRazzled  Fruit Beer 5%3.3751
The Bruery Bitter Milk Biscuits  Amber Ale 5.6%3.151
The Bruery Black Orchard  Belgian Ale 5.7%3.37710
The Bruery Black Tuesday  Imperial Stout 19.5%3.9738
The Bruery Black Tuesday (Red Wine Barrel Aged)  Imperial Stout 18%3.3751
The Bruery Bois  Old Ale 15.5%3.5663
The Bruery Bois (Brandy Barrel)  Old Ale 16%3.3251
The Bruery Bois (French Oak)  Old Ale 15.5%
The Bruery Bois (New American Oak)  Old Ale 15%3.351
The Bruery Bois (Rye Whiskey Barrel)  Old Ale 16%3.3251
The Bruery Bois Fume  Strong Ale 16.2%3.351
The Bruery Bottleworks XII  Wild Ale 8%3.542
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged 2 Turtle Doves  Belgian Strong Ale 13%3.482
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged 4 Calling Birds  Belgian Strong Ale 14.8%3.251
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged 5 Golden Rings  Belgian Strong Ale 16.2%3.2751
The Bruery Bourbon Barrel Aged Autumn Maple  Spiced Beer 13%3.422
The Bruery Brown Creeper  Brown Ale 3.1251
The Bruery CacaoNut  Strong Ale 15.6%3.32
The Bruery Chocolate Rain  Imperial Stout 18.5%3.6843
The Bruery Chupacabra Quinceañera  Wild Ale 6%3.2251
The Bruery Coffee Smoking Wood  Imperial Porter 13.8%3.351
The Bruery Coton  Old Ale 14.5%3.6375
The Bruery Coton (Bourbon Barrel Aged)  Old Ale 14.5%3.251
The Bruery Cuir  Old Ale 14.5%3.777
The Bruery Cuir (100% Barrel Aged)  Old Ale 14.5%3.522
The Bruery Dogfish Head Bigger Faster Better Bolder  Spiced Beer 8.25%3.4864
The Bruery Einer's Folly  Imperial Porter 9%3.3251
The Bruery Euphegenia  Smoked Ale 4.8%3.1751
The Bruery Filmishmish  Wild Ale 5.8%3.6294
The Bruery Floyd D'Rue  Imperial Porter 14.7%3.0751
The Bruery Fruet  Old Ale 15.5%3.52
The Bruery Grey Monday  Imperial Stout 18.6%3.3251
The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse  Berliner Weisse 3.1%3.61913
The Bruery Humulus Bruin  Belgian Ale 6.9%
The Bruery Humulus Gold  Belgian Strong Ale 9.1%
The Bruery Humulus Lager  Imperial Pilsener 7.4%3.3751
The Bruery Humulus XPA  American Pale Ale 4.3%3.251
The Bruery Imperial Loakal Red  Strong Ale 12%3.322
The Bruery Imperial Orchard White   Witbier 7.7%3.362
The Bruery Jardinier  Belgian Ale 4.5%3.2343
The Bruery Loakal Red  Strong Ale 6.9%3.3833
The Bruery Mash  English Barleywine 12.5%3.351
The Bruery Mash & Coconut  American Barleywine 13%3.251
The Bruery Mash & French Toast  American Barleywine 13.4%3.251
The Bruery Mash & Grind  English Barleywine 12.5%3.41
The Bruery Melange #1  Strong Ale 9.5%3.3251
The Bruery Melange #14  Strong Ale 13.4%3.1251
The Bruery Melange #3  Strong Ale 15.5%3.7574
The Bruery Mischief  Belgian Strong Ale 8.5%3.70711
The Bruery Mischief Gone Wild  Wild Ale 9%3.5714
The Bruery Mocha Wednesday  Imperial Stout 19.4%3.31
The Bruery Mrs. Stoutfire  Imperial Stout 10%3.251
The Bruery Nano Series: Bert Zuurman  Wild Ale 9%3.31
The Bruery Nottenroth  American Wheat 2.08%3.11
The Bruery Offshoot Retreat [This Is A Hazy Double IPA]  Imperial IPA 8.6%3.251
The Bruery Or Xata  Spiced Beer 7%3.3673
The Bruery Orchard White  Witbier 5.7%3.38113
The Bruery Otiose  Wild Ale 8.2%3.5574
The Bruery Oude Tart  Flanders Red 7.5%3.8179
The Bruery Oude Tart With Cherries  Flanders Red 7.5%3.62
The Bruery Papier  Old Ale 14.5%
The Bruery Partridge in a Pear Tree  Abbey Quadrupel 11%3.0251
The Bruery Pinotlambicus  Wild Ale 8.4%3.522
The Bruery Praecocia  Old Ale 10.5%3.362
The Bruery Provisions Series: Chocosaurus Rye  Rye Beer 7%3.5434
The Bruery Provisions Series: Bierbauch  Bock 8.6%3.33
The Bruery Provisions Series: Burly Gourd  Fruit Stout 6.66%3.442
The Bruery Provisions Series: Cuádruple  Abbey Quadrupel 10%3.42
The Bruery Provisions Series: Go Team!  Belgian Ale 4.7%31
The Bruery Provisions Series: Gunga Galunga  Spiced Beer 7.7%3.2251
The Bruery Provisions Series: Imperial White Orchid  Belgian Strong Ale 9%3.282
The Bruery Provisions Series: Mother Funker  Wild Ale 6%3.7294
The Bruery Provisions Series: Old Richland  American Barleywine 9%3.5343
The Bruery Provisions Series: Premiére  Belgian Strong Ale 10.4%3.251
The Bruery Provisions Series: Run B.M.C  Strong Lager 7%3.182
The Bruery Provisions Series: Salt of the Earth  Ale 5%3.422
The Bruery Provisions Series: Snicklefritz  Belgian Strong Ale 10%3.242
The Bruery Provisions Series: Tart of Darkness  Wild Ale 5.6%3.63
The Bruery Rub A Dub Dubbel  Abbey Dubbel 7.4%3.21
The Bruery Rue D'Floyd  Imperial Porter 14.4%3.351
The Bruery Rueuze  Gueuze 5.9%3.462
The Bruery Rugbrød  Rye Beer 8%3.59311
The Bruery Saison de Lente  Saison 6.5%3.69517
The Bruery Saison Garni  Saison 7.3%3.2751
The Bruery Saison Rue  Saison 8.5%3.5417
The Bruery Saison Tonnellerie  Saison 6.7%3.6163
The Bruery Sans Pagaie  Wild Ale 5.8%3.31
The Bruery Seven Grain Saison  Saison 5.5%3.22
The Bruery Share This: Mint Chip  Imperial Stout 10.5%3.251
The Bruery Share This: Mole  Imperial Stout 11.1%3.41
The Bruery Share This: O.C.  Imperial Stout 11%3.351
The Bruery Shegöat  Weizenbock 8.7%3.251
The Bruery Smoking Wood - Bourbon Barrel  Imperial Porter 13%3.562
The Bruery Smoking Wood - Rye Barrel  Smoked Ale 10%3.7294
The Bruery Smooth Criminal  Strong Ale 15%3.42
The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday  Imperial Stout 14%3.2751
The Bruery Sour Cherry Kriek  Wild Ale 5%3.2751
The Bruery Sour in the Rye  Wild Ale 8.7%3.7456
The Bruery Sour in the Rye with Kumquats  Wild Ale 8.7%3.2751
The Bruery Stay At Home Dad  Berliner Weisse 4%3.2251
The Bruery Sucre  Old Ale 16.9%3.3251
The Bruery Summer's Eve  Bitter 5.5%3.11
The Bruery Tell No Tales  Strong Ale 12.5%3.21
The Bruery Terreux Bruesicle: You're Heating Me  Wild Ale 4%3.11
The Bruery Terreux Confession  Wild Ale 9.7%2.951
The Bruery Terreux Frucht - Raspberry  Berliner Weisse 4.3%3.051
The Bruery Terreux Kyuri Dragon  Wild Ale 6%3.0751
The Bruery Terreux Saixon  Saison 6.7%3.251
The Bruery The Wanderer  Wild Ale 8%3.7294
The Bruery Trade Winds Tripel  Abbey Tripel 8%3.55713
The Bruery Trois Poules Francais  Belgian Strong Ale 10.4%3.52
The Bruery Virgin Papier  Old Ale 14.7%3.1251
The Bruery Walt  Saison 6.97%3.2751
The Bruery White Chocolate  Strong Ale 14%3.7864
The Bruery White Chocolate - Cherries  American Barleywine 15%3.351
The Bruery White Oak  American Barleywine 11.5%3.747
The Bruery Windowsill  Fruit Beer 10.5%3.3251
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