Russian River Brewing
725 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
United States
Phone: 707.545.BEER
Established: 1997
Official site:
Last updated: 8/18/2011 3:16:10 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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In 1997, Russian River Brewing Company (RRBC) was founded by Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville, California. Vinnie Cilurzo was hired as the Brewmaster. At the Great American Beer Festival in 1999, RRBC and Vinnie were awarded "Small Brewing Company of the Year" and "Small Brewing Company Brewmaster of the Year." In 2002, Korbel decided to leave the beer business and sold the brewery to Vinnie and his wife, Natalie. The brewery is now locate...
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Russian River Aud Blonde  Blonde Ale 4.5%3.1714
Russian River Beatification  Wild Ale 5.5%3.6714
Russian River Beatification (Batch 002)  Wild Ale 6%3.8818
Russian River Beatification (Batch 003)  Wild Ale 5.7%3.73
Russian River Beer Esteam  California Common / Steam 5.65%3.22
Russian River Beerocracy  American Pale Ale 5.5%3.4663
Russian River Benediction  Belgian Ale 6.75%3.282
Russian River Blind Pig IPA  IPA 6%3.96825
Russian River Bravo IPA  IPA 6.2%3.1751
Russian River Compunction  Fruit Beer 5.8%3.251
Russian River Consecration  Wild Ale 10%4.00823
Russian River Damnation  Belgian Strong Ale 7%3.73636
Russian River Damnation Batch 23 (Oak Aged)  Abbey Tripel 10.5%3.7226
Russian River Dead Leaf Green  English Pale Ale 5.68%3.362
Russian River Defenestration  Belgian Ale 7.1%3.4843
Russian River Deification  Belgian Ale 6.35%3.6116
Russian River Depuration  Blonde Ale 7%3.6336
Russian River Desperation  Belgian Strong Ale 9.54%3.1251
Russian River Deviation (Bottleworks IX)  Belgian Ale 6.83%3.753
Russian River Don the Younger  Bitter 5.65%3.3251
Russian River Dr. Zeus  American Pale Ale 5.6%3.262
Russian River Erudition  Saison 3.1434
Russian River Extra Special Bitter  Extra Special Bitter 5.5%
Russian River Fleurette  Spiced Beer 4.88%2.9251
Russian River Framboise For A Cure 2010  Wild Ale 5.9%3.453
Russian River Framboise For A Cure 2011  Wild Ale 6.8%3.442
Russian River Gaffers Bitter  Bitter 4.68%3.21
Russian River Golden Ale  Mild Ale 5.06%3.182
Russian River Golden Wheat Ale  American Wheat 4.8%3.0251
Russian River Happy Hops  American Pale Ale 5.56%
Russian River Hop 2 It  IPA 5.5%3.253
Russian River HopTime Harvest Ale  IPA 6.75%3.63
Russian River Huge Large Sound Czech Pilsner  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5%
Russian River IPA  IPA 6.5%3.6339
Russian River It Takes a Lot of Great Beer to Make a Great Wine  American Pale Ale 4.75%3.2251
Russian River Janet's Brown  Brown Ale 7.6%3.151
Russian River Lap Dance  American Pale Ale 5.55%3.342
Russian River Little White Lie  Witbier 4.5%3.25
Russian River Mortification  Abbey Quadrupel 11%3.1251
Russian River Nobel Experiment #3  American Pale Ale 5.83%3.251
Russian River O.V.L. Stout  Dry Stout 4%3.5786
Russian River Old Gubbillygotch Barleywine  American Barleywine 9.5%3.151
Russian River Parking Violation  American Pale Ale 5.6%3.4343
Russian River Perdition  Belgian Ale 5.5%3.40810
Russian River Pliny the Elder  Imperial IPA 8%4.06851
Russian River Pliny the Younger  Imperial IPA 11%4.1817
Russian River Porter  Porter 5.5%3.182
Russian River Propitiation  Wild Ale 7%3.351
Russian River Redemption  Belgian Ale 4.6%3.76319
Russian River Registration Ale  IPA 7.5%3.451
Russian River Rejection  Belgian Ale 6.1%3.4336
Russian River Row 2 Hill 56  American Pale Ale 5.8%3.455
Russian River Salvation  Belgian Strong Ale 9%3.83327
Russian River Sanctification  Belgian Ale 6.25%3.8117
Russian River Shadow of a Doubt  Imperial Porter 9.86%3.351
Russian River Summit IPA  IPA 6.3%3.2751
Russian River Supplication  Wild Ale 7%4.08334
Russian River Symposium 2011 Sour Brown  Wild Ale 6.2%3.442
Russian River Temptation  Belgian Strong Ale 7.25%4.16120
Russian River Toronado 20th Anniversary  Belgian Strong Ale 10.4%3.847
Russian River Watermelon Funk  Fruit Lambic 5.5%3.2751
Sonoma Pride Amasa  Wild Ale 4.5%3.31
Sonoma Pride Dauenhauer  Wild Ale 6%3.31
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