Monday Night Brewing
670 Trabert Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
United States
Phone: unknown
Established: 2011
Official site:
Last updated: 4/23/2013 10:40:59 AM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Monday Night Brewing is Atlanta's most weeknight-friendly craft beer company. From humble beginnings in a garage brewing on Monday nights, we have made it our mission to prove that weekends are overrated.

We brew flavorful beers for weeknight consumption, with an eye towards perfection, incorporating subtle twists on old classics. Man, that sounded pretentious. Let's start over.

Join us. Have a beer.
Monday Night All Y'All  American Pale Ale 4.9%3.051
Monday Night Ante Meridiem  Strong Ale 13.5%3.1751
Monday Night Barstool Barista  Imperial IPA 7.1%3.31
Monday Night Bed Head  Imperial IPA 8.4%3.351
Monday Night Beyond the Clouds  IPA 6.3%3.2751
Monday Night Big Softy  American Pale Ale 5.2%3.2251
Monday Night Blind Pirate Double IPA  Imperial IPA 8.2%3.522
Monday Night Blood Orange Blind Pirate  IPA 7.4%3.462
Monday Night Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt  Scottish Ale 8.5%3.31
Monday Night Breakfast Ante Meridiem  Brown Ale 13.5%3.31
Monday Night Brewing Dark Subject Matter  Imperial Stout 12%3.4251
Monday Night Brewing Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale  Scottish Ale 7.2%3.43
Monday Night Brewing Eye Patch Ale  IPA 6.2%3.4144
Monday Night Brewing Fu ManBrew  Witbier 5.2%3.2125
Monday Night Cardigans of the Galaxy  Imperial IPA 9.5%3.21
Monday Night Cinnamon Cocoa Coffee Drafty Kilt  Scottish Ale 7.2%3.2251
Monday Night Continuing Education  IPA 7.2%3.21
Monday Night Currant Events  Wild Ale 3.3%3.11
Monday Night Dad Bod  Saison 6%3.21
Monday Night Depeche a la Mode  IPA 7.2%3.151
Monday Night Dinner For One  IPA 7.1%3.11
Monday Night Do You Like Tigers?  American Pale Ale 3.5%3.11
Monday Night Don't Call It Hotlanta  Imperial IPA 8.5%3.2751
Monday Night Don't Call It T.Mac  American Wheat 5.2%3.3251
Monday Night Don't Let Your Garde Down  Biere de Garde 9%3.151
Monday Night Dr. Robot  Wild Ale 5%3.11
Monday Night Dr. Robot Key Lime Sour  Wild Ale 5%3.151
Monday Night Drafty Kilt Cinnamon Cocoa  Scottish Ale 7.2%3.31
Monday Night Dust Bunny  IPA 6.8%3.31
Monday Night Entente Cordiale  American Barleywine 13%3.31
Monday Night Excolatur  Wild Ale 9.5%3.2251
Monday Night Father Figure  Saison 7%3.2751
Monday Night Fist Fight  IPA 7.2%3.0751
Monday Night Fistful of Cake  Milk Stout 9%3.31
Monday Night Formal Jorts  IPA 6.5%3.1751
Monday Night Friend Zone  American Pale Ale 6.2%3.0251
Monday Night Fu Manbrew Gose  Gose 5.2%2.9751
Monday Night Garage Brevis and Bretthead  Imperial IPA 8%3.1251
Monday Night Garage Como Te Llamas  Imperial Stout 12.5%3.351
Monday Night Garage Head Full of Doubt  Imperial IPA 10%3.251
Monday Night Garage Road Full of Promise  Imperial IPA 8.3%3.2751
Monday Night Garage Series Belgian Amber Ale  Belgian Ale 9%3.2751
Monday Night Garage Sympathy Weight  Scottish Ale 12%3.1751
Monday Night Georgian Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 11%3.41
Monday Night Gila Monster  IPA 6.5%3.31
Monday Night Grandpa  Abbey Quadrupel 11.5%3.3251
Monday Night Gunshow  Belgian Strong Ale 8%3.151
Monday Night Han Brolo  American Pale Ale 4.7%3.351
Monday Night Hipster Fresh Hop  Amber Ale 5.5%3.31
Monday Night I'm On A Boat  Blonde Ale 4.8%3.21
Monday Night I'm Suuuper Cereal  Imperial IPA 7.7%3.3251
Monday Night Idaho Thunder  IPA 8.3%3.3251
Monday Night Juan and Don  Saison 8.7%3.3251
Monday Night K-Pop  Blonde Ale 4.8%3.11
Monday Night Laissez-Faire  American Barleywine 12%3.3751
Monday Night Last Will and Testament  Old Ale 12%3.41
Monday Night Lay Low  IPA 3.2%3.0751
Monday Night Locals Only  IPA 7.1%3.2751
Monday Night Lundi  IPA 7.1%3.3251
Monday Night Master Bro-Da  American Pale Ale 4.7%3.3751
Monday Night Master Splinter  Amber Ale 9%3.2251
Monday Night Mathlete  IPA 7.2%3.31
Monday Night Micro Honey  Saison 7.4%3.0751
Monday Night Mischief Managed - Peach  Berliner Weisse 4.5%3.151
Monday Night Mischief Managed - Raspberry  Berliner Weisse 4.5%3.11
Monday Night Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner  Cream Ale 5%3.21
Monday Night Orgone Tropics  Wild Ale 6.5%3.1251
Monday Night Rucksack  Hefeweizen 4.9%3.1751
Monday Night Serge Protector  IPA 6.8%3.351
Monday Night Serrano Eye Patch Ale  IPA 6.2%3.11
Monday Night Silkscreen  IPA 5.2%3.11
Monday Night Situational Ethics (Bourbon Barrel and Coffee)  Imperial Stout 13.9%3.4751
Monday Night Situational Ethics (Maple Bourbon Barrels and Cinnamon)  Imperial Stout 13.9%3.41
Monday Night Situational Ethics (Mexican Hot Chocolate Mezcal Barrel Aged)  Imperial Stout 13.8%3.251
Monday Night Situational Ethics (Rum Barrels and Coconut)  Imperial Stout 13.9%3.3751
Monday Night Situational Ethics (Sherry Barrel-Aged)  Imperial Stout 13.8%3.4251
Monday Night Slap Fight  IPA 5.8%3.151
Monday Night Space Force  IPA 7.4%3.31
Monday Night Space Lettuce  Imperial IPA 8.1%3.351
Monday Night Spirit Animal  Wild Ale 5.5%3.21
Monday Night Sultana  IPA 7.3%3.21
Monday Night Super Nerd Imperial Pilsner  Imperial Pilsener 7.5%3.151
Monday Night Super Wheatier  IPA 4.9%3.2251
Monday Night Taco Tuesday  Pale Lager 4.5%3.0251
Monday Night Tears of My Enemies - Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged  Imperial Stout 9.3%3.351
Monday Night Tears of My Enemies - Rum Barrel Aged  Imperial Stout 9.3%3.351
Monday Night Tears of My Enemies - Scotch Barrel-Aged  Imperial Stout 9.3%3.4751
Monday Night The Niño  Belgian Ale 3.7%3.1251
Monday Night The Tiger that Killed My Father Bourbon Barrel Aged  Imperial Stout 13%3.451
Monday Night The Tiger that Killed My Father Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged  Imperial Stout 13%3.3751
Monday Night Tie 4 On  Abbey Quadrupel 11%3.2251
Monday Night Tie 5 On  IPA 6.6%3.151
Monday Night Tie 6 On  Imperial IPA 8.1%3.41
Monday Night Tie 7 On  IPA 6.9%3.151
Monday Night Tie 8 On  Strong Ale 13.4%3.3251
Monday Night TMAC Daddy Porter  Porter 5.7%3.2251
Monday Night Training Session  American Pale Ale 4.4%3.21
Monday Night Void & Form  Wild Ale 7%3.151
Monday Night Whirling Dervish  Dry Stout 4.9%3.41
Monday Night Why Is My Champagne Hand Empty  IPA 7.9%3.21
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