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  • Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
    rated 4.1 10 years ago

    Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 9 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 8 | Overall: 8

    This dogfish head brown ale is a dark color with a red tint. Tons of caramel and malt on the nose. Thin, foamy head. Excellent lacing. As I drank it and it warmed the caramel, malts and sweetness came out. There was still the hops too. A nice medium mouthfeel. Overall a solid beer, one of my favorite brown ales.

  • New Glarus Totally Naked
    rated 3.9 14 years ago

    Aroma: 8 | Appearance: 6 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 9 | Overall: 8

    Poured a crystal clear yellow with a nice bubbly white head. Very good lacing as well giving this pale lager a wonderful appearance. Not a very complex aroma, maybe some yeast and grain. To me this beer's strong suite was it's flavor. Really smooth malts make this a fantastic beverage. Don't worry tvail4, I will be picking up more of these the next time I am in the cheese state.

  • New Glarus Unplugged Berliner Weiss
    rated 4.1 14 years ago

    Aroma: 7 | Appearance: 9 | Mouthfeel: 9 | Flavor: 8 | Overall: 8

    Courtesy of BeerChick, this was one of her selections from our visit to the glorious town of New Glarus. What a shocker this beverage is! After the pour of a lemony, hazy golen color with a white bubbly small head and ok lacing you get a marvelous orchard of grapes on your nose. Seriously, the aroma was overwhelming with grapes. This beer alone shows you why macros suck. Even if they aren't that bad, macros are completely boring compared to this New Glarus Unplugged. The mouthfeel is as spritzy as anything I've ever drank, a real refresher. Super fizzy and tart. The finish is some bready, wheat that really balances the tartness nicely and leaves you wanting more. This is better than Nirvana Unplugged, Alice and Chains Unplugged and all those other flannel shirt wearing groups Unplugged albums combined!!

  • Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Stout
    rated 3.1 14 years ago

    Aroma: 6 | Appearance: 8 | Mouthfeel: 4 | Flavor: 7 | Overall: 6

    I found this in a liquor store in Eudora, KS. Not a very good selection but I had never heard of this so I picked it up. Poured a dark brown with a tan head that immediately dissipated. Lacing was ok and I'm not sure of the ABV so that may be why the head didn't stick around long. Lots of chocolate notes with some caramel and coffee as well. The mouthfeel was too thin for my liking and didn't have much up front flavor. The aftertaste was sweet chocolate and caramel. It didn't taste bad but was missing something.

  • New Glarus Stone Soup
    rated 3.7 14 years ago

    Aroma: 7 | Appearance: 7 | Mouthfeel: 8 | Flavor: 8 | Overall: 7

    Poured a cloudy golden color with bubbly white head. Aroma was malts and spices. The spices were more noticeable in taste, zesty and citrus. Tasted a lot like Hoegaarden, whoooooch, I happen to like.

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