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how much is bud ice

General Beer Discussion by FLASHPRO

How much what? alcohol? price? Even if this person did mean price, I would think anyone above the legal drinking age would know that cost depends on quantity and location. Oh well, and I can only assume they were absent from school on the day the teacher tought the class to use a question mark at the end of a question.

18 years ago
# 1
# 1


You can buy a 12er of Bud Ice for $7.99 at Total Wine. It's even cheaper by the case $15.98. The main reason for buying this product would be saving money, so see if the manager will offer a pallet discount. Value is measured on a different scale! You want to maximize quality per unit price. Take the BeerPal Bud Ice rating (1.97) and divide by the 6-pack price ($3.99). Compare that with something like Pilsener Urquell, an infinitely more satisfying, and increasingly accessible brew. Suddenly, Bud Ice doesn't look like such a good deal. Unless you plan to drink by the pallet.

18 years ago
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