Beers Drunk by cyrenaica
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341Nickel Brook Reserve Series Glory & GoldCanada Old Ale1/16/2020 11:23:39 AM
340Moosehead Small Batch 0008: Irish Red AleCanada Irish Ale1/16/2020 10:48:40 AM
339Grenadier Brewing Premium LagerCanada Lager1/12/2020 12:24:59 AM
338St. Bernardus Pater 6Belgium Belgian Ale1/11/2020 12:50:04 AM
337St. Bernardus TripelBelgium Abbey Tripel1/10/2020 11:23:26 PM
336St. Bernardus TripelBelgium Abbey Tripel1/1/2020 11:54:47 PM
335Niagara Oast House Pitchfork PorterCanada Porter12/31/2019 10:10:43 AM
334Left Field Brewery Go-Ahead Raspberry Hibiscus GoseCanada Gose12/31/2019 9:43:14 AM
333Erdinger UrweisseGermany Hefeweizen12/31/2019 9:18:02 AM
332MacLean's Lazy Hazy IPAzyCanada IPA12/31/2019 8:58:55 AM
331St. Bernardus Abt 12Belgium Abbey Quadrupel12/31/2019 8:21:31 AM
330Beau's All Natural David's Tea London FogCanada Ale12/30/2019 11:12:14 PM
329Erdinger Weissbier Kristalklar (Weizen Crystal Clear)Germany Krystal Weizen12/30/2019 12:22:50 AM
328Collingwood Brewery FreeStyle Series: Winter StoutCanada Oatmeal Stout12/27/2019 10:07:40 AM
327Cowbell Brewing McNall's MissionCanada Brown Ale12/27/2019 9:03:43 AM
326Cowbell Brewing Kelly's ContraptionCanada Hefeweizen12/27/2019 8:42:20 AM
325Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (Hefe-Weizen Dark)Germany Dunkel Weizen12/26/2019 11:33:32 PM
324Uerige AltGermany Altbier12/22/2019 1:24:03 AM
323Henderson Brewing / Jacobsen Nordic LagerCanada Pale Lager12/22/2019 12:16:20 AM
322Caledon Hills Deadly DarkCanada Dunkel / Dark Lager12/21/2019 11:13:05 PM
321Left Field Brewery Bricks + MortarCanada Porter12/15/2019 1:30:48 AM
320Boss Brewing BlackUnited Kingdom Stout12/15/2019 12:19:49 AM
319Left Field Brewery Blackburne Imperial StoutCanada Imperial Stout12/9/2019 9:32:44 AM
318Big Rock Winter Spice AleCanada Spiced Beer12/9/2019 9:01:56 AM
317Innis & Gunn Frank and SenseUnited Kingdom Spiced Beer12/9/2019 8:24:08 AM
316Greene King Festive PuddingUnited Kingdom Spiced Beer12/9/2019 7:45:12 AM
315Robinson's Trooper Red 'n' BlackUnited Kingdom Porter12/9/2019 12:09:07 AM
314Great Lakes Brewery Shinny Pants Session StoutCanada Stout12/8/2019 1:23:25 AM
313Fuller's Vintage Ale 2019United Kingdom English Strong Ale12/8/2019 12:13:46 AM
312Rodenbach AlexanderBelgium Flanders Red12/6/2019 8:57:09 AM
311Rainhard Brewing Sweetback'sCanada Milk Stout11/30/2019 5:22:58 PM
310Lake Of Bays Twilight HourCanada Coffee Stout11/30/2019 5:21:33 PM
309Big Rock The Darcy's Poolside Grapefruit LagerCanada Light / Lite Lager11/28/2019 11:01:53 PM
308Left Field Brewery Sweet SpotCanada Chocolate Stout11/27/2019 11:42:42 PM
307Whitewater Brewing Wild Bog Cranberry SourCanada Wild Ale11/23/2019 11:35:10 PM
306Toboggan Brewing Lunatic Fridge IPACanada IPA11/23/2019 9:47:37 AM
305Collingwood Brewery Autumn KellerbierCanada Kellerbier11/23/2019 9:19:06 AM
304Lake Of Bays Flight PlanCanada Imperial IPA11/23/2019 8:35:44 AM
303Newark Brewing LagerCanada Dunkel / Dark Lager11/20/2019 9:36:59 AM
302N'ice ChouffeBelgium Belgian Strong Ale11/20/2019 8:58:40 AM
301Collective Arts Collective Project: IPA No. 11Canada IPA11/17/2019 12:01:59 AM
300Fenelon Falls Brewing Red AleCanada Amber Ale11/16/2019 11:00:14 PM
299Paulaner OktoberfestGermany Marzen / Oktoberfest11/16/2019 10:53:49 PM
298Indie Ale House Memento MoriCanada Oatmeal Stout11/16/2019 10:49:33 PM
297Henderson Brewing Export StoutCanada Foreign / Extra Stout11/12/2019 11:39:56 PM
296Goose Island 312 Urban WheatUnited States American Wheat11/9/2019 11:56:39 PM
295Big Rig Midnight Kissed My CowCanada Milk Stout11/9/2019 11:12:22 PM
294Sawdust City / Bar Hop Coriolis EffectCanada Berliner Weisse11/7/2019 11:01:00 AM
293Molson FiresideCanada Schwarzbier11/6/2019 9:39:52 AM
292Collingwood Brewery White's Bay IPACanada IPA11/6/2019 9:00:51 AM

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