Beers Drunk by Chopz
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105Spencer Trappist Monk's Reserve AleUnited States Abbey Quadrupel2/21/2019 7:58:52 PM
104Flying Monkeys SparklepuffCanada Imperial IPA2/21/2019 1:13:59 AM
103Walkerville Brewery Russian Imperial StoutCanada Imperial Stout2/19/2019 10:15:03 PM
102Lickinghole Creek Nine Mile IPAUnited States IPA2/19/2019 12:13:21 AM
101Royal City Brewing DubbelCanada Abbey Dubbel2/18/2019 10:43:04 PM
100Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0United States Imperial IPA2/18/2019 1:23:49 AM
99Cascade Manhattan NWUnited States Abbey Quadrupel2/17/2019 10:49:48 PM
98Parallel 49 Trash Panda Hazy IPACanada IPA2/17/2019 9:30:05 PM
97Central City Beer League LagerCanada Pale Lager2/15/2019 8:39:00 PM
96Beau's All Natural Gruit Series: The AstromancerCanada Spiced Ale2/13/2019 8:49:30 PM
95MacLean's Brown AleCanada Brown Ale2/13/2019 8:03:26 PM
94MacLean's India Pale AleCanada IPA2/13/2019 6:57:00 PM
93Gainsbourg Série Road Trip Simcoe AmarilloCanada Imperial IPA2/12/2019 1:36:40 AM
92Brasseurs de Montebello 75e Light FruitéeCanada Fruit Beer2/10/2019 9:08:46 PM
91L'Arsenal La MiliceCanada Amber Ale2/10/2019 8:19:32 PM
90Sawdust City Grayder's Pink Grapefruit RadlerCanada Fruit Beer2/10/2019 7:20:54 PM
89Les 3 Brasseurs Saison de TableCanada Saison2/10/2019 6:03:56 PM
88Nita Pineapple Sour RadlerCanada Fruit Beer2/10/2019 5:23:16 PM
87Beyond the Pale My MilkshakeCanada Imperial Stout2/9/2019 6:54:01 PM
86Lickinghole Creek One Lion Imperial StoutUnited States Imperial Stout2/8/2019 10:27:52 PM
85Ace Hill Winter RadlerCanada Fruit Beer2/7/2019 10:02:22 PM
84Mill Street After Eight StoutCanada Stout2/7/2019 7:34:49 PM
83L'Espace Public Bière de DrivewayCanada Wild Ale2/6/2019 10:44:46 PM
82L'Espace Public Bière de BalconCanada Wild Ale2/6/2019 10:14:21 PM
81Milly's Tavern Milly's Oatmeal StoutUnited States Oatmeal Stout2/6/2019 9:35:54 PM
80Muskoka Ebb & Flow Session SourCanada Wild Ale2/6/2019 12:23:01 AM
79Beyond the Pale Get SchooledCanada American Pale Ale2/4/2019 9:43:30 PM
78Beyond the Pale Red RocketCanada Amber Ale2/4/2019 8:20:25 PM
77Cameron's First Light Session LagerCanada Lager2/4/2019 6:58:31 PM
76Collective Arts Surround Sound (Simcoe & Amarillo)Canada Imperial IPA2/4/2019 6:03:28 PM
75Moosehead Grapefruit RadlerCanada Fruit Beer2/3/2019 10:57:19 PM
74Boulevard Whiskey Barrel StoutUnited States Imperial Stout2/1/2019 10:10:18 PM
73Moosehead Small Batch London StoutCanada Foreign / Extra Stout2/1/2019 12:45:49 AM
72Beyond the Pale Dark and PicanteCanada Imperial Stout1/31/2019 9:12:49 PM
71Jukebox Funkadélique BrettastiqueCanada Wild Ale1/30/2019 10:46:29 PM
70Junction Craft Caribru Mango IPACanada IPA1/29/2019 12:12:55 AM
69Southern Tier TangierUnited States IPA1/26/2019 11:35:54 PM
68Sierra Nevada Brut IPAUnited States IPA1/26/2019 11:16:20 PM
67Southern Tier 8 Days A WeekUnited States Blonde Ale1/26/2019 10:57:17 PM
66Victory Golden MonkeyUnited States Abbey Tripel1/25/2019 11:44:11 PM
65Southern Tier Nu Skool IPAUnited States IPA1/24/2019 1:23:12 PM
64Terrapin Hi-5 IPAUnited States IPA1/23/2019 11:25:08 PM
63Southern Tier 2XSMASHUnited States Imperial IPA1/23/2019 3:16:13 PM
62Cigar City Jai Alai IPAUnited States IPA1/23/2019 2:35:18 PM
61Sierra Nevada Celebration AleUnited States IPA1/22/2019 11:19:54 PM
60Samuel Adams Sam '76United States Pale Lager1/22/2019 6:37:14 PM
59Southern Tier Live- Citra HoppedUnited States American Pale Ale1/22/2019 5:02:45 PM
58Sierra Nevada Tropical TorpedoUnited States IPA1/22/2019 4:35:23 PM
57Collective Arts Collective Project: Berliner Weisse (Pineapple Tepache )Canada Berliner Weisse1/20/2019 12:25:23 AM
56Collingwood Brewery FreeStyle Series Winter StoutCanada Oatmeal Stout1/18/2019 8:17:09 PM

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