Replying to "Poll: Lambics Then and Now"
What was your opinion of lambics the first time you tried them vs. now?

-I have always liked them.
-I have always disliked them.
-Disliked then – Like now
-Liked then – Dislike now
-I’m new to the style, jury is still out.
-I’ve never tried any lambics.

Lambics are not exactly everyone's cup of beer (See what I did there). Lambics can be very tart and sour and contain some funky flavors that can be quite different from "traditional" beers. Talking with fellow beer folks over the years I've heard some say they hated them at first, others have always loved them, while others still don't get it.

***One other note - If Lindeman's (while technically a lambic) is the only kind you've had you may want to try more, those are not close to the funky tartness of many other lambics. Kind of like saying "Yeah I like imperial stouts, I've had Guinness"

Oh and Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic, doesn't count [V]

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