7 Seas Brewing

7 Seas Brewing

3207 57th Street Northwest
Gig Harbor, WA, 98335
United States


Year Established: 2008


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About Us Formed in 2008 by Travis Guterson and Mike Runion, 7 Seas Brewing is an innovative craft brewery, making audacious, yet technically well-executed beers; utilizing cans rather than bottles; and championing environmental stewardship. Having survived a fire at our original location which delayed our opening by six months, we now occupy a 3,000 square foot brewing facility superbly located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Our Tap Room is now open, so stop by and have a pint overlooking our brewery. Cheers! Our Mission At 7 Seas Brewing we strive to brew, innovate and perfect the Ultimate Proper Pint, one that will invoke an emotional, contemplative response from the drinker. It should cause them to smile, knowing that in our homogenized, cookie cutter world of consumerism, there are still people crafting something of integrity and authenticity. Tradition Meets Innovation With such a multitude of beer styles and brewing techniques available, how do we define and produce the Ultimate Proper Pint? Beer is composed of four essential ingredients; malted barley, water, yeast, and hops. At 7 Seas, we employ every ingredient for a specific reason and purpose. How can four humble ingredients be transformed into something so magical? According to Brewmaster Travis Guterson, a proper pint should have character. It should strike perfect harmony between all its' variables, including, but not limited to; appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel, malt complexity, and hop flavor/bitterness. 7 Seas is not a brewery of conformity, but of innovation. Guterson crafts technically well executed beers, but doesn't adhere to the popular belief that every beer necessarily needs to fit perfectly into a defined category. For example, our flagship, Cutt's Amber Ale, is unlikely to medal at the Great American Beer Festival because it doesn't reflect all the specifications of any given style. Our pursuit of the Ultimate Proper Pint occasionally stretches the boundaries and we think you will love the results. Cheers! Why Cans? At 7 Seas Brewing we utilize cans rather than bottles. When packaging beer, oxygen and sunlight are enemies. Cans are the best in protecting beer from sunlight—unlike clear, green, and even common brown glass. Oxygen leads to unstable shelf life and is best avoided at all costs. Cans are better than any other substitute. Cans are easier to recycle, and cost a fraction of the energy to produce, ship, and recycle. With such amazing outdoor opportunities available where we live, we want to offer beer that is more accessible in these conditions. No more broken glass and heavy trash. Pack it in, Pack it out. Modern cans are coated in a water-based coating that is specially made to protect the craft beer inside, alleviating a common misconception that beer from cans is aluminum tainted, with an off flavor. It's not. Stewardship We are a green brewery. We work to minimize our carbon footprint through efficient operations, responsible packaging and recycling programs. We also recycle our spent grain to local farmers as livestock feed. We are diligent in minimizing waste and we strongly encourage our customers to be responsible environmental citizens.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: 7 Seas Ballz Deep Double IPA [3.220]
Most Reviewed: 7 Seas Ballz Deep Double IPA [2]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
7 Seas Ballz Deep Double IPA
Imperial IPA| 8.4 %
3.220 (2)
7 Seas British Pale
English Pale Ale| 5.4 %
7 Seas Cascadian Dark
American Black Ale| 7 %
7 Seas Cutts NW Amber
Amber Ale| 6.2 %
7 Seas Harvest Ale
Marzen / Oktoberfest| 6.5 %
7 Seas Hop Prophet 100% Wet Hop Ale
American Pale Ale| 5.8 %
7 Seas le Havre
Belgian Ale| 8 %
7 Seas Port Royal Export Style Stout
Foreign / Extra Stout| 6.8 %
7 Seas Reign Man ESB
Extra Special Bitter| 5.5 %
7 Seas Rude Parrot IPA
IPA| 5.9 %
7 Seas Saison du Sept Mers
Saison| 6 %
7 Seas Santa's Smokin' Winter Warmer
Strong Ale| 7.5 %
7 Seas Wheelchair Barleywine
English Barleywine| 11.1 %

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