23rd Street Brewery

23rd Street Brewery

3512 Clinton Parkway
Lawrence, KS, 66047
United States


Year Established: 2004


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[NOTE: This is a brewpub now independent of the 75th Street Brewery.] Here at the 23rd Street Brewery, we pride ourselves in creating and offering ales and lagers of exceptional quality. Often in the micro brewing industry, quality is compromised for quantity. We brew handcrafted, small batch beers to ensure freshness is as crisp as it is clean. There German Purity Law of 1516, known as Reinheitsgebot, states that beer can only be make from four ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. According to this centuries old standard, most mass produced domestic/lite beers should not be worthy of the title “beer”, as they are made with such adjuncts as rice and corn. We use only the finest domestic and imported barley and hops to brew beers of tradition and beers of distinction. The brew house, we call home, is a 15 barrel Pub Brewing System located on the upper level of the impressive brewery interior. In the past year, we have doubled our production to exceed 1000 barrels (2000 Kegs) per year and have begun distributing g to other bars and restaurants throughout Kansas. Our location at 23rd Street and Kasold was originally opened in 1996 as the Sports Page Brewery. Eight Years later, brewing veterans from the 75th Street Brewery in Kansas City opened a second location in Lawrence. By autumn of 2004, a new head brewer had been introduced, Micah Weichert, a Northwest Kansas native. Over the past seven years, Micah has brewed in numerous breweries including Pony Express/Flying Monkey and the Blind Tiger.

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Most Drunk: None
Highest Rated: 23rd Street Bitter Professor [3.400]
Most Reviewed: 23rd Street Bitter Professor [3]


Beer | Style | ABV Score
23rd Street Barrel Aged Bourbon Stout
Stout| -
23rd Street Big Leaf Porter
Porter| -
3.025 (1)
23rd Street Bitter Professor
IPA| 5.5 %
3.400 (3)
23rd Street Brewery Crimson Phog Irish Ale
Irish Ale| 6.5 %
2.950 (1)
23rd Street Brewery Larryville Lyte
Rye Beer| 5.3 %
3.150 (1)
23rd Street Brewery Raspberry Wheat
Fruit Beer| 5 %
3.000 (1)
23rd Street Brewery Wave The Wheat Ale
American Wheat| 5 %
2.800 (1)
23rd Street Double Crimson Phog
Strong Ale| 8 %
3.050 (1)
23rd Street Little Dublin Dry Stout
Dry Stout| 5.7 %
2.925 (1)
23rd Street Rock Chalk Raspberry Wheat
Fruit Beer| 5.2 %
23rd Street Wakarusa Pale Ale
American Pale Ale| 6 %
2.950 (1)

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