McMenamins Breweries
1624 N.W. Glisan
Portland, OR 97209
United States
Phone: 503-223-0109
Established: 1985
Official site:
Last updated: 6/26/2006 8:49:12 PM
This address is a Beer Company - A business address where no beer is brewed. Often a place that contracts others or owns other brewery locations.
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McMenamins currently has 22 lively breweries, each year collectively producing more than 200 different recipes. Since our first brew at the Hillsdale Brewery & Public House in 1985, McMenamins has handcrafted more than 23,000 different batches of beer. In fact, in 2005 alone we brewed more than 43,000kegs of beer – an astounding 5.3 million pints!
McMenamins Bagdad Ale  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5%3.21
McMenamins Barn Owl Bitter  Bitter 1
McMenamins Black Blade Porter  Porter 3.1251
McMenamins Black Rabbit Porter  Porter 5.6%3.22
McMenamins Black Ship Dunkel  Dunkel / Dark Lager 3.11
McMenamins Black Widow Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 3.422
McMenamins Cascade Head  American Pale Ale 4.5%
McMenamins Cell Count Red  IPA 5.29%
McMenamins Concordia Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 3.051
McMenamins Copper Moon  American Pale Ale 5.03%3.0251
McMenamins Crystal Ale  American Pale Ale 5.1%
McMenamins Dark Star  American Black Ale 8%3.2251
McMenamins Double, Triple Brown  Brown Ale 2.9751
McMenamins Edgefield Wheat  American Wheat 5%3.11
McMenamins Electric Orange Weizen  Fruit Beer 4.8%2.9751
McMenamins Engine Driver's Red  Amber Ale 3.0251
McMenamins ESB  Extra Special Bitter 5%3.1751
McMenamins Firefly Kolsch  Kölsch 4.64%3.182
McMenamins Fox Tale Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.3%3.11
McMenamins Hammerhead Ale  American Pale Ale 4.7%3.388
McMenamins IPA  IPA 3.3385
McMenamins Irish Stout  Dry Stout 3.7%3.022
McMenamins Kris Kringle Holiday Ale  Spiced Beer 4.8%3.122
McMenamins Line Drive IPA  IPA 
McMenamins Melee Brown  Brown Ale 3.0751
McMenamins Natty Bumpos Bitter  Extra Special Bitter 3.0251
McMenamins Nebraska Bitter  Bitter 3.6%3.047
McMenamins Oktoberfest  Marzen / Oktoberfest 4.7%3.1751
McMenamins Picadilly Porter  Porter 3.2251
McMenamins Pullman Porter  Porter 5.8%3.1751
McMenamins Purple Haze  Fruit Beer 32
McMenamins Rauch n Roll Smoked Porter  Smoked Ale 3.251
McMenamins Red Riser IRA  Amber Ale 7.1%3.11
McMenamins Romulan Ale  IPA 3.151
McMenamins Ruby  Fruit Beer 3.3%3.457
McMenamins Scarecrow ESB  Extra Special Bitter 6%
McMenamins Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown  Brown Ale 3.9%3.11
McMenamins Stoolmarm's Special Bitter  Extra Special Bitter 3.0751
McMenamins Sunflower IPA  IPA 6.58%3.12
McMenamins Terminator Stout  Dry Stout 6.5%3.50810
McMenamins The Monolith Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 8.77%3.31
McMenamins Third Eye Red  Amber Ale 3.1251
McMenamins Triple  Abbey Tripel 3.151
McMenamins Vanilla Porter  Porter 3.1751
McMenamins Workingmans Red  Amber Ale 4.77%2.982
McMenamins Wrye Humor IPA  IPA 6.71%3.151
McMenamins Yellow Jacket IPA  IPA 3.0751
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