Anchor Brewing Company
1705 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-2334
United States
Phone: 415-863-8350
Established: 1896
Official site:
Facebook: /anchorbrewing
Last updated: 6/4/2013 3:36:43 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Brewing hand-crafted beer in the heart of San Francisco since 1896.
Anchor Baykeeper IPA  IPA 7%3.151
Anchor Big Leaf Maple Autumn Red  Amber Ale 6%3.667
Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA  IPA 6.5%3.142
Anchor Blood Orange Blonde  Blonde Ale 4.5%31
Anchor Bock  Bock 5.5%3.58838
Anchor Brekle’s Brown  Brown Ale 6%3.46913
Anchor Brewers' Pale Ale - Citra Hop Blend  American Pale Ale 5.3%3.0751
Anchor Brewers' Pale Ale - Nelson  American Pale Ale 5.3%3.1251
Anchor Brotherhood Steam Beer  California Common / Steam 5.6%3.222
Anchor California Lager  Lager 4.9%3.437
Anchor Coffee Porter  Porter 6.7%3.351
Anchor Dry-Hopped Steam Beer  California Common / Steam 5.4%3.11
Anchor Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout  Dry Stout 7.4%3.382
Anchor Fog Breaker IPA  IPA 6.8%2.951
Anchor Go West! IPA  IPA 6.7%3.151
Anchor Humming Ale  American Pale Ale 5.9%3.48118
Anchor IPA  IPA 6.5%3.297
Anchor Liberty Ale  American Pale Ale 5.9%3.682121
Anchor Liberty IPA  IPA 6.2%31
Anchor Mango Wheat  American Wheat 4.5%3.162
Anchor Meyer Lemon Lager  Pale Lager 4.5%2.822
Anchor O.B.A. Our Barrel Ale  Strong Ale 7.5%3.2251
Anchor Odeprot IPA  Imperial IPA 8.2%3.11
Anchor Old Foghorn Ale  American Barleywine 10%3.82275
Anchor Our Special Ale (All vintages through 1998)  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.2226
Anchor Our Special Ale 1999  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.3625
Anchor Our Special Ale 2000  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.4456
Anchor Our Special Ale 2001  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.317
Anchor Our Special Ale 2002  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.63827
Anchor Our Special Ale 2003  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.6720
Anchor Our Special Ale 2004  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.89132
Anchor Our Special Ale 2005  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.75327
Anchor Our Special Ale 2006  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.80920
Anchor Our Special Ale 2007  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.75622
Anchor Our Special Ale 2008  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.76518
Anchor Our Special Ale 2009  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.68915
Anchor Our Special Ale 2010  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.67513
Anchor Our Special Ale 2011  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.6116
Anchor Our Special Ale 2012  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.655
Anchor Our Special Ale 2013  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.647
Anchor Our Special Ale 2014  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.3434
Anchor Our Special Ale 2015  Spiced Beer 5.5%3.382
Anchor Pilsener  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 
Anchor Porter  Porter 5.6%3.952110
Anchor Saison  Saison 7.2%3.4336
Anchor San Franpsycho IPA  IPA 6.3%3.1751
Anchor Small Beer  Bitter 3.3%2.86131
Anchor Steam  California Common / Steam 4.9%3.565145
Anchor Summer Beer  American Wheat 4.6%3.02738
Anchor Winter Wheat  American Wheat 7%3.4714
Anchor Zymaster Series No. 2 Marks Mild  Mild Ale 4%3.2751
Anchor Zymaster Series No. 4 Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale  Saison 7.2%3.4434
Anchor Zymaster Series No. 6 Saaremaa Island Ale  Wild Ale 6%3.222
Anchor Zymaster Series No. 7: Potrero Hill Sour Mash IPA  IPA 7%3.11
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