Sleeman Brewing And Malting Company*
551 Clair Road West
Guelph, Ontario N1H 6H9
Phone: (519) 822-1834
Established: 1834
Official site:
Last updated: 5/12/2012 4:43:37 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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* owned by Sapporo
What sets Sleeman apart is our time-honoured commitment to the quality of every beer we produce. At the heart of this philosophy is a respect for our consumer's intelligence, palate and overall experience. It's a difference you'll appreciate.

A premium beer contains quality ingredients, brewmaster's skill, and consistency. At Sleeman, we add another: dedication.
John Sleeman Presents Bock  Bock 6%2.9125
John Sleeman Presents Fine Porter  Porter 5.5%3.24621
John Sleeman Presents IPA (Sleeman IPA 46)  IPA 5.3%2.78523
John Sleeman Presents Original Dark Amber Ale  This beer is an alias of Sleeman Original Dark
San Antonio  Smoked Ale 5%2.822
Sleeman 20th Anniversary Ale  Blonde Ale 4.8%2.6336
Sleeman 5514  American Wheat 4.5%3.0751
Sleeman Amber Ale  Amber Ale 5%2.9116
Sleeman Arctic Wolf  Pale Lager 5%2.3833
Sleeman Beechwood Smoked Lager  Rauchbier 5%2.91
Sleeman Bock  This beer is an alias of John Sleeman Presents Bock
Sleeman Clear  Light / Lite Lager 4%1.90517
Sleeman Clear 2.0  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.7251
Sleeman Cream Ale  Cream Ale 5%2.88239
Sleeman Dark Chocolate Lager  Dunkel / Dark Lager 5%3.151
Sleeman Dog Days Summer Ale  American Wheat 4.5%3.042
Sleeman Golden Festbier  Marzen / Oktoberfest 5.8%3.2843
Sleeman Harvest Rye Lager  Rye Beer 5%3.051
Sleeman Honey Brown Lager  Lager 5.2%3.2739
Sleeman India Pale Ale  This beer is an alias of John Sleeman Presents IPA (Sleeman IPA 46)
Sleeman Lift  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.622
Sleeman Light  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.8673
Sleeman Maple Down Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 4.9%2.9751
Sleeman Oak Aged Ale  Amber Ale 5%2.8251
Sleeman Original Dark  Amber Ale 5.5%3.01923
Sleeman Original Draught  Pale Lager 5%3.06419
Sleeman Pier Point Summer IPA  IPA 5.5%3.1751
Sleeman Porter 68  This beer is an alias of John Sleeman Presents Fine Porter
Sleeman Premium Light  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.3117
Sleeman Railside Session Ale  Mild Ale 4.2%2.9294
Sleeman Red Ale  This beer is an alias of Sleeman Rousse
Sleeman Rousse  Amber Ale 5%
Sleeman Silver Creek Lager  Pale Lager 5%2.37916
Sleeman Sparkling Ale  Blonde Ale 6.2%3.122
Sleeman Speed River Pilsner  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.8%3.0251
Sleeman Spiced Ale  Spiced Beer 5.4%3.0751
Sleeman Steam  California Common / Steam 5%3.0556
Sleeman Steeped Coffee Ale  Brown Ale 5%3.182
Sleeman The Bard's Beer  Mild Ale 5%31
Upper Canada Dark Ale  Brown Ale 5%3.4516
Upper Canada Lager  Lager 5%3.1719
Upper Canada Light Lager  Light / Lite Lager 4%3.037
Upper Canada Maple Brown Ale  Brown Ale 5%3.1759
Upper Canada Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5%3.15
Upper Canada Point Nine  Reduced Alcohol 0.9%2.663
Upper Canada Rebellion Lager  Strong Lager 6%3.4188
Upper Canada Red  Amber Ale 5%2.9251
Upper Canada Wheat  American Wheat 4.3%2.967
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