Odell Brewing Company
800 East Lincoln Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
United States
Phone: 970-498-9070
Established: 1989
Official site: www.odellbrewing.com
Facebook: /pages/Odell-Brewing-Co/147292...
Last updated: 1/6/2011 8:15:39 AM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Doug, Wynne and Corkie Odell started their brewing odyssey in 1989 in a converted 1915 grain elevator located on the outskirts of downtown Fort Collins. Odell's was just the second microbrewery to open in Colorado. No one knew what "craft beer" was in those early days of the industry and we had to educate our first customers on what exactly it was we were trying to sell them. Not home brew, or worse, bathtub brew, but small batch, hand-crafted, c...
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Doug's Bombshell Quad IPA  Imperial IPA 13.6%3.351
Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.2%3.40424
Odell 90 Shilling  Scottish Ale 5.3%3.43126
Odell Amuste  Imperial Porter 9.3%3.262
Odell Avant Peche Imperial Porter  Imperial Porter 9.5%3.222
Odell Bobby  Kölsch 5%3.1251
Odell Bourbon Barrel Stout  Imperial Stout 10.5%3.33
Odell Brombeere Blackberry Gose  Gose 4.8%3.11
Odell Celastrina  Saison 7.5%3.351
Odell Chili Trek  Spiced Beer 6.1%3.21
Odell Crimson Shenanigans  Wild Ale 9.1%3.21
Odell Curmudgeons Nip  English Barleywine 7.9%3.051
Odell Cutthroat Pale Ale  English Pale Ale 5.1%3.3116
Odell Cutthroat Porter  Porter 4.5%3.73430
Odell Deconstruction Golden Ale  Strong Ale 10.5%3.64
Odell Double Pilsner  Imperial Pilsener 8.1%3.1812
Odell Double Trouble Pilsener  Imperial Pilsener 7.1%3.051
Odell Drumroll  American Pale Ale 5.3%3.0751
Odell Easy Street Wheat  American Wheat 4.6%3.09518
Odell Espresso Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 3.251
Odell Extra Special Red Ale  Strong Ale 8%3.3625
Odell Fall Harvest American Wit  Witbier 6.2%31
Odell Fernet Aged Porter  Imperial Porter 9.8%3.21
Odell Fifty Niner  Wild Ale 10%3.442
Odell Footprint RegionAle  Strong Ale 9.5%3.422
Odell Friek  Flanders Red 5.5%3.8385
Odell Germans From Russia  Dunkel / Dark Lager 3.0751
Odell Harvest Hemp Lager  Spiced Beer 6.2%3.11
Odell Helles Bock  Helles / Dortmunder 6.4%3.21
Odell Hiveranno  Wild Ale 9.5%3.4163
Odell Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 7.1%3.5458
Odell India Barley Wine  American Barleywine 10.8%3.53
Odell India Pale Ale  IPA 7%3.75919
Odell Isolation Ale  English Strong Ale 6%3.47
Odell Jaunt  Fruit Beer 7.6%3.253
Odell Levity Golden Amber Ale  Amber Ale 5%3.12513
Odell Loose Leaf Session Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 4.5%3.3294
Odell Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout   Milk Stout 8.5%3.3385
Odell Malt Vader  Imperial Stout 10.4%3.2751
Odell Mild Intern  Mild Ale 4%3.11
Odell Mothman  Saison 3.351
Odell Mountain Standard '09  Strong Ale 8.5%3.553
Odell Mountain Standard Double Black IPA  American Black Ale 9.5%3.5163
Odell Myrcenary Double IPA  Imperial IPA 9.3%3.80612
Odell Not A Problem  Amber Ale 5.1%3.051
Odell Oktoberfest  Marzen / Oktoberfest 6%3.0751
Odell Pond Hopper Double Extra Pale Ale  Imperial IPA 8.9%3.22
Odell Porch Pounder  Wild Ale 5.5%3.251
Odell Proletariat  California Common / Steam 6%3.0751
Odell Quick Wit  Witbier 4.8%3.453
Odell Red Ale  Amber Ale 6.5%3.4456
Odell Runoff Red IPA  IPA 6.5%3.4144
Odell Saboteur Brett Barrel Brown Ale  Strong Ale 10%3.567
Odell Splice Session IPA  IPA 4.8%3.1251
Odell St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 6.5%3.52211
Odell The Meddler  Wild Ale 8.9%3.5663
Odell Town Pump Pail Ale  American Pale Ale 5.2%3.2885
Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA   Imperial IPA 9.7%3.462
Odell Trellis Garden Ale  Spiced Beer 8.7%3.2251
Odell Turkish Rye Wit  Witbier 5.1%3.21
Odell Wolf Picker Experimental Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.5%3.0751
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Ale No. 01  Old Ale 10.6%3.5163
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Ale No. 05  Abbey Quadrupel 11.3%3.4864
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged American Ale No. 06  Strong Ale 10%3.522
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Crimson Ale No. 03  Strong Ale 11%3.4163
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Double Marzen-Style Lager No. 04  Marzen / Oktoberfest 11%3.6574
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Golden Ale No. 02  Strong Ale 11%3.553
Odell Woodcut Oak Aged Russian Imperial Stout No. 07  Imperial Stout 12.5%3.322
Odell XX Pale  American Pale Ale 3.151
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