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Noble Pig 2012 Coffee Brown Ale
A beer by: Noble Pig Brewhouse, The
from Kamloops, BC, Canada
Style: Brown Ale

Last Updated:
4/11/2012 9:43:59 PM
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Beer Description:
Coffee Brown Ale brewed by brewer Dave Beardsell with local Barista Greg from Cafe Motivo. Greg provided these tasting notes on the coffee in this brown ale:

Tasting Notes:Mild, sweet, generous body, brown sugar,toasted nuts.

Region: Minas Gerais

City: Heliodora

Owner: Túlio Henrique Rennó Junqueira

Varietals: 100% Yellow Bourbon

Altitude: 950-1200 M

Proessing: Pulped natural, patio dried

Now I realize to you, that some of that makes little to no sense but here it is summarized.

This coffee is selected in season and shipped fresh once a year, it is in turn roasted a number of times before the cupping team is happy with the flavor profile. Now with regards to this list of tasting notes, we will most likely experience something different considering that we are using a cold brew, however the toasted nut finish and brown sugar notes will be the most prominent. The run itself is relatively small and short, making this one of our most sought after single origin coffees each year, I actually competed with this as my coffee of choice in the 2010 Western Canadian Regional Barista Championships (I placed 6th out of 18 competitors my first time out). The varietal itself and processing method are the two things that lend the most to how this coffee tastes. Yellow bourbon (pronounced Ber-Bone…not bourbon like the spirit) is typically very full bodied and carries with it a tremendous amount of nuttiness. The pressing method is where the sweetness comes into play. When coffee cherries are ripe they are picked, the pits are extracted and most often the mucilage is in turn washed away leaving a clean “fully washed” coffee bean which then dries on a tarp. This particular coffee is special in that once the pit is extracted from the coffee cherry, the mucilage is left on, and the beans are then patio dried…this results in sugars and sweetness which permeates the exterior of the pit and lends a great deal of sweetness to the end product. The coffee is from a high altitude region, so the beans are less prone to ferment (higher the altitude, the harder the exterior shell of the coffee bean) The owner of this particular farm is very much driven by sustainability and he was actually headed an operation in 2003 to revegetate the region surrounding his farm. His farm is approx. 545 Hectares, yielding about 40lbs of coffee per hectare.
Ok…so I went off on a bit of a tangent but that’s a little history lesson about this particular coffee. Each coffee has a story, this one is special to me because I have personally spent so much time getting to know it.
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