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Date Established changed from 0 to 2007
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Brewery description edited from Null to Humble Beginnings Like most real brewers, Good People started out with humble beginnings and no intention of ever starting a business. A labor of love in which long brew days in the garage, bad equipment, curious dogs (we still blame them for a bad batch or two) and hanging out with friends became commonplace. Once it took root, this hobby turned into a passion (along with some really solid beers). We took our wares to football games, parties, and cookouts. Before too long, folks began requesting our beer. It’s pretty fun to have someone you don’t even know walk right smack dab up to you and tell you how much they like your beer. We didn’t set out to start a business, the business just found us. “Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right” Robert Hunter We wanted to brew our beer and create something that would make our families, friends, community, and ourselves proud in what we were doing. We wanted to give back and help support those that helped support us. We wanted to represent the unique qualities of the South that make us proud to be southerners. Good People Brewing Company seemed like the perfect fit. Good People describes the kind, humble, concerned, and respected folks all throughout the South, no matter if your speaking singularly or plurally. That is what we strive for here at Good People Brewing Company….to be good people. In September of 2007, we acquired our equipment and started getting our brewery put together. It was a long, frustrating, and tiring process….but it was flat worth every bit of it all. So if you are looking for something made in small batches with high quality ingredients and pride, please give us a shot.


Brewery name: Good People Brewing Company
Address: 1035 - B 20th St S
City: Birmingham
State: AL
Zip: 35205
Country: USA
Phone Number: (205) 588 - 8002
Brewery Description:
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