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Beer name: Orléans Brewing Wit Willie
Brewer: Orléans Brewing Company
Style: Witbier
ABV: 4.6
OG: 0
FG: 0
IBU: 22
Availability: Unknown
This might just be your go-to summer beer… or even your year-round beer! Wit Willie is a light Belgian summery wheat beer with a hazy pale straw in color and a white creamy head. It's orange and citrus aromas with notes of coriander is just a prelude to the passion fruit, orange, citrus and peppery flavours that you'll get with every sip. Crisp, refreshing, with a light hoppy finish! This Tropical Witbier is perfect with brunch items, salads, fried foods, spicy foods - including Thai, Vietnamese, and Mexican. Its drinkability also makes it great with lighter seafood dishes, mascarpone or herb cheese spread on crostinis. Wit Willie loves getting together with friends and family, especially by the pool or the campground.