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Beer name: Switchback Dampf Punk
Brewer: Switchback Brewing Company
Style: California Common / Steam
ABV: 5.4
OG: 0
FG: 0
IBU: 38
Availability: Seasonal
UNFILTERED AND 100% NATURALLY CARBONATED Dampf Punk, a hoppy California-style Common started as a one-off experimental batch. This rebel brew quickly became a favorite among our Tap Room regulars and these self-proclaimed Punk fans insisted that we make it available outside the brewery. So here is our unique take on this 100% American beer style. While still using our house lager yeast, this beer is fermented at a warmer temperature closer to ale yeast conditions, giving it a toasty flavor that is light and crisp. Dry-hopping this beer with a brand new, unnamed hop variety provides soft tropical and herbal notes. The result is wonderfully clean and complex, our unique take on this 100% American beer style.