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Beer name Highland Black Mountain Bitter modified to Highland Black Mountain Bitter Pale Ale
Beer style changed from legacy style #32 to English Pale Ale

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Beer name: Highland Black Mountain Bitter
Brewer: Highland Brewing Company (ID# 959)
Style: legacy style #32
ABV: 5%
Beer Description:
After many requests over many years, Highland will release its first organic beer--Black Mountain Bitter--during the week of January 12. A style of Pale Ale, Black Mountain Bitter will be lightly hopped with traditional British hop varieties to balance the malt sweetness yet encourage it to tend toward the dry side. We recently received our organic certification from Clemson University after undergoing a rigid inspection and two-month compliance process. Although this represents a big step for Highland, the idea of an all organic product is consistent with our corporate ethos and embrace of natural traditional brewing methods. Black Mountain Bitter is the latest in our line of seasonals named after mountain peaks in Transylvania County in Western North Carolina.